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Play with light. Give your project or home additional allure by using JASNO shutters and blinds. For those of you who are not already in the know, shutters are wooden window screens with adjustable louvers and blinds are wooden window blinds. The remarkable beauty of JASNO shutters and blinds lies in the unmatched quality of the products combined with our passion for perfection, down to the tiniest detail. JASNO will make an attractive room impressive. Highlight your home.

JASNO shutters

Shutters – also known as American shutters – are wooden interior window shutters with adjustable louvers. The idea originated with the ancient Greeks. Even today, however, shutters are the most attractive system for playing with light. Discover the stunning effect of JASNO shutters. More about JASNO shutters in interior design.

JASNO blinds

Wooden blinds make it easy for you to play with sunlight and shadow. Using JASNO blinds, you can create a unique atmosphere in every room in your home or project. As with our shutters, you can choose from a selection of louver widths and a whole palette of warm and refreshing colours. As a result, when used together JASNO blinds and shutters always create the perfect match. More about JASNO blinds in interior design.

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