Shutters voor hoge ramen wit 6meter jumbo

Shutters or wooden blinds for high windows

Our collection of window decoration products is ideally suited for use in high windows. We particularly recommend our shutters, because they can be made in metres-high models. And we really mean metres high: up to 6 metres and more!

 Witte shutters van JASNO voor een raam van 6 meter hoog
Houten shutters van JASNO voor een hoog raam
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 houten jaloezieen wit voor hoog raam keuken impressie

Any high space becomes even more impressive when finished with shutters. And shutters are suitable for use in any room, from the bathroom through to the bedroom and the living room. You can also reach considerable heights with our wooden blinds. Thanks to our solid custom-made approach, JASNO always supplies a window covering that meets your wishes and matches your situation. Right down to the smallest details, our dealers will measure and install the JASNO window decoration of your choice, in your home. 

Shutters up to 338 cm high!

We produce shutters up to a height of 338 cm. To increase overall strength, we may fit one or more horizontal dividing bars. These bars also make it possible for you to separately open and close the louvers above and below the divide. Using the extendable operating rod, you can also operate louvers that are beyond your normal reach.

Blinds are available up to a maximum height of 304 cm

Our wooden blinds are available for windows up to a maximum height of 3.04 m. In other words, even for a 3 metre-high window, not only do we supply shutters but also blinds. A fabulous solution for a high window opening. For information contact our dealers or be inspired by our photographs of blinds.

 Witte shutters van JASNO voor een raam van 6 meter hoog

Shutters and blinds with the free JASNO app

Use the free JASNO app to visualise what shutters and blinds would look like in your home. More and more modern homes feature high windows and open galleries. We can offer the perfect solution!

 houten jaloezieen wit voor hoog raam keuken impressie