Driven by the passion for perfection

Meet JASNO. A small company with big ambitions. From our offices in Eersel in the Dutch province of Brabant, we supply window coverings right across Europe. Not standard window coverings but window decorations with a story. Read all about the history of our company and how from our small beginnings, we have become a mayor player.



Traditional and contemporary

Shutters have existed for centuries, but much to the surprise of Dutchman Jeroen Hermans, they were originally less well-known in Western Europe than in the countries of the Mediterranean, and the United States. In response, he founded the company JASNO, in 2001. In terms of look and feel, he gave the traditional shutter a more contemporary look, for example by using flush-mounted hinges. Together with a wood processing company in Poland, the production line was up and running within one year, and the first ever shutters produced under the JASNO brand were displayed at an interior design fair in Eindhoven. The response from consumers was positive.


World’s best shutter factor

In 2003, Simon Sants became co-owner, with the joint goal of further broadening awareness of the product and the JASNO brand. The unending flow of orders meant that delivery times became ever longer. The factory in Poland was no longer able to keep up, and JASNO started a careful search for new capacity. Within four months the result was a unique collaborative venture with the world’s best shutter factory in China, and the closure of the plant in Poland. JASNO introduced a collection of blinds, to match the shutters. Over the past few years, (Venetian) blinds have been successfully relaunched on the market for window decoration.


Dealer network and European expansion

As demand for shutters from retailers grew, JASNO decided to establish a national network of dealers. A clear, simple and manageable distribution policy was formulated, with the focus as always on the customer-friendly JASNO approach. This was the major difference between JASNO and other suppliers who effectively viewed retailers as their customers. In just a short time, a network of enthusiastic, high-quality home and interior suppliers and sunblind specialists was established.



Based on the success in the Benelux countries, in subsequent years, JASNO expanded into Poland, France, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, Norway, Finland, Austria and Sweden. As a consequence, JASNO has become a flourishing international business and market leader in continental Europe. The power of JASNO lies in the company’s repeated success in outpacing the competition in terms of quality of its product and sales and after sales services.


JASNO wins Best Entrepreneurial Vision Trophy 2013

In 2013, owners Jeroen Hermans and Simon Sants were voted winners of the Best Entrepreneurs Vision (BOV) trophy 2013 in the Netherlands, for the Eindhoven and De Kempen region. According to jury chair Tiny Sanders (PSV football club), the two prize winners demonstrated true passion in their business activities. “They have vision, courage and dedication, and grasp opportunities as they arise. That is the essence of entrepreneurial spirit,” concluded the jury.


New premises and Introduction to JASNO folding curtains 

In the spring of 2014, JASNO relocated to new premises, next door to the old location. In addition to large and spacious offices, the new premises house a showroom where the products can be demonstrated to consumers, business relations and any other interested parties.

JASNO introduces a new window decoration product in its collection, the JASNO folds or folding curtains, a first in the history of JASNO. The design of the folding curtains is the result of collaboration with Dutch Design studio Daphna Laurens. The collection consists of a select number of colours for the fabrics and wooden strips.


Price-winning JASNO swings

In April 2015, JASNO introduced yet another new window decoration product to its collection: JASNO swings. Swings are vertical louver blinds, but with the unique feature that the louvers can be placed in unexpected settings. Using the operating chain, the louvers are alternately set in motion, resulting in an attractive 3D effectIn January 2016, the swings were presented with an iF Award, one of the best-known international awards for product design. In 2016, JASNO was also presented with a Good Industrial Design (GIO) Award, for the child-safe hanger system. Developed by JASNO together with GBO.


New: waterproof shutters

At the end of 2016, JASNO expanded its shutter collection to include Aqualine shutters. These shutters are produced from ABS, a high-quality plastic material. This choice of material makes the Aqualine range ideal for windows in damp rooms such as bathrooms, swimming pools, wellness rooms and kitchens.


Establishment JASNO creations

To further enhance the production process for folding curtains (folds) and vertical blinds, JASNO decided to open its own production location in Nistelrode. From that moment onwards, folding curtains and vertical blinds (swings) were produced in the Netherlands, with maximum focus on quality and fast delivery times.

2019 was a milestone in the history of JASNO. At the start of the year, JASNO launched a completely new collection of shutters and wooden blinds. With new colours, new ladder strips in different sizes and electrically operated blinds. At the same time, JASNO moved into the world of online sales, by launching a configurating and ordering module. Since then, customers have been able to choose and order their own products online, 24/7.


The year of changes  

2019 was a milestone in the history of JASNO. At the start of the year, JASNO launched a completely new collection of shutters and wooden blinds. With new colours, new ladder strips in different sizes and electrically operated blinds.


JASNO bids farewell to folds and swings and the webshop

JASNO has taken an important decision. From the end of 2022, the production location in Nistelrode will no longer be available. After carefully reviewing the situation surrounding folds (folding curtains) and swings (vertical blinds), the decision was taken to not continue production at a new location. From 1 August 2022 onwards, these products are longer available. After making this change, JASNO will certainly not rest on its laurels. JASNO has grown its business and its reputation with shutters and blinds. For that reason, from now on, the entire team will be working to further boost our reputation as the leading specialist in the field of top quality shutters and blinds, with a full service package.

The JASNO webshop has also been taken offline. It is now no longer possible for customers to order window decoration products via our webshop. Instead, customers can visit the JASNO showroom or one of our many dealers for personal, tailor-made advice, backed up by our professional measuring and installation service, to guarantee an excellent finished product.