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Shutters, also known as american shutters, are ideal sunblinds for regulating light and privacy. Indoor shutters, our company’s calling card, have adjustable, horizontal louvers. They can be tilted, folded back or even fully opened. They form a remarkably functional, stylish and timeless window decoration. They are the fitting finishing touch for any window and any interior. Are you interested in shutters for a bathroom windowroof windowangled or round windowtilt and turn window or a ‘simple’ traditional rectangular window? Our shutters always fit perfectly, be it in a small triangular window in the attic through to a bay window or even full-width sliding doors in the living room. At JASNO, tailor-made window decorations are the standard.


What do shutters cost?

The price differs according to the shutter type. Shutters have a price per square metre for straight panels. For a precise offer, simply visit one of our expert dealers. Our dealers always pay you a visit at home, to guarantee excellent advice and perfectly fitted window coverings.


Where can I buy shutters?

Dealers in Europe sell our shutters. At the dealer’s showroom, you can examine our tailor-made window decorations and receive the necessary advice. More importantly, the expert dealer will measure the windows in your home, and fit the shutters. 


What types of shutters are available?

We offer 4 different types of shutters. All shutters are made to measure. They are available with or without a vertical operating rod. You can also select from a variety of louver sizes and operating optionsThe most eye-catching characteristic of JASNO shutters in fact does not even catch the eye…: flush-mounted hinges. These hinges are not visible since they are concealed in the side stile of the shutter panel. This fact gives our shutters a clean, contemporary look, and excellent strength. 

white wooden shutters in living room with stained glass window
round window with white wooden shutters with white chair


Each shutter type has a different set of unique characteristics:

Primewood Shutters:

FSC®-certified wooden shutters – our Primewood shutters – produced from white teak wood are the most widely sold

Aqualine Shutters

Waterproofness is the key characteristic of Aqualine shutters which makes them ideal for window decoration in wet rooms such as the bathroom. Aqualine shutters are made completely from high-quality plastic.

white wooden shutters bathroom without center tiltrod silentview
white wooden shutters bedroom without center tiltrod silentview railsystem


Ecowood shutters

JASNO Ecowood shutters are produced from compressed wood fibres obtained from environmentally friendly-managed woodland. Attractive, sustainable and economical.

  • For straight window shapes;
  • In the 5 most popular white tones from the JASNO collection with 47 mm, 63 mm and 89 mm-wide louvers;
  • Ecowood shutters can be perfectly combined in any living space with Primewood shutters. Using both shutter types in a single window opening is not recommended because of the minor design differences.

Ecowood Plus shutters

The Plus stands for extra because our Ecowood Plus shutters offer two additional plus points:

  • The adjustable louvers in the Ecowood Plus shutters are produced from lighter ABS material. This means we can make shutter panels wider than with Ecowood shutters; 
  • Ecowood Plus shutters are available in 18 paint colours.
dark angled shutters without center tiltrod silentview bathroom bath
white round shutters hall 6 meters high
white shutters with center tiltrod in bathroom with washing sink toilet 

Download the shutters app and see what shutters would look like in your window

Using our free app, you can visualise how shutters and wooden blinds would look in your windows.



Shutters in the bay window, wooden blinds in the kitchen and blackout folding curtains in the bedroom? Our wooden blinds, folds and vertical louvers match perfectly with the shutters in a single living space or home.


Why JASNO shutters?

Opting for JASNO means opting for sustainability, service and quality. That quality, however, is mainly concealed in our shutters. Take for example the flush-mounted hinges or the engineered stile. These invisible qualities are what make our shutters so stunningly attractive and immensely strong! It is not without reason that interior stylists and interior design magazines select our shutters. Our shutters are now in use in many homes, from terraced cottages to villas.

Shutters are suitable for any window. Our shutters are always for use in the house and not outdoors. Equally important: our window decorations are very easy to clean.

Shutters make an interior impressively attractive. It’s as simple as that. Highlight your home

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