Zwarte shutters geraardsbergen

Window decoration for French doors and sliding doors

There are many different types of window covering for use in combination with (French) garden doors and sliding doors. They can be made from wood, plastic or textile, and are available in a whole range of colours, offer total blackout or merely protection against people outside looking in, all tailor-made and perfectly matched to every window in every interior. Whether your home decoration style is modern or country house, our shutters and wooden blinds are an impressive addition to any interior.

Shutters van JASNO in de kleur moss grey voor de openslaande deuren van een woonkamer
Openslaande witte shutters Egelsbach
Zwarte shutters geraardsbergen
Witte shutters openslaande deuren brede ramen Waregem

Shutters for French doors and sliding doors

Shutters and French doors or sliding doors are a perfect combination. Slide the panels to one side and simply use the door to go in or out. We can offer a number of options. One possibility is to fit the shutters on a rail system that allows you to simply slide the panels to one side. We supply our shutters in a 90 degree folding rail, or on a sliding rail system that allows you to slide the panels away from the door opening, in an overlapping pattern.

Do you have doors with a closed bottom section? For this situation, we also supply shutters with a raised panel where the bottom section of the shutter panel is also closed. The result is a perfectly matched look between shutter panel, door and window.

Wooden blinds for French doors and sliding doors

Another solution for your French garden doors or sliding doors is our electric blinds. At a single touch of a button, all the slats are raised allowing you to open the door outwards. While sitting on the sofa, are you blinded by the sunlight? Click the control and adjust the angle of the louvers while you sit and relax.

Zwolle groene blinds elektrisch