Shutters special raamvorm gebogen in serre jumbo

Sunblinds for special window shapes

Shutters are the ideal window decoration for windows that are neither square nor rectangular. For oval, corrugated, arched, round or angled windows, shutters are almost a better match than in ‘square’ windows. Every JASNO shutter for every window is custom made. Be it a small rectangular window in a new home, or even the most unusually shaped window, when fitted with shutters, you continue to see the unique window shape making the window with its fitted shutters a real eyecatcher.

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 Ronde shutter in toilet speciale raamvorm product

Where can I buy shutters?

From one our dealers or in our showroom in Eersel (Netherlands). Our specialist dealers and consultants will be delighted to give you all the advice you need. What type of installation is possible, what is the most attractive colour and what best suits your window frames and interior design. During a home visit, our specialist will measure your window to ensure that only perfectly fitting shutters are ordered. In this way, we guarantee that the shutters are perfectly custom made for a 100% perfect fit in your windows.

Where can I see shutters for special window shapes?

All of our dealers have examples of shutters in store. However, not every dealer can show you shutters for unusually shaped windows. You are however welcome to pay us a visit at our showroom in Eersel, where we can show you an angled shutter ‘in real life’. In that case, you are welcome to see all our other window decorations and receive all the expert advice you could possibly need. 

Which shutters are suitable for special windows shapes?

We manufacture our durable Primewood shutters in every conceivable special shape. JASNO Aqualine shutters are also suitable for angled and arched windows. Thanks to the use of high-quality plastic, these shutters are splashproof, making them the ideal shutter solution for windows in damp rooms such as kitchens, bathrooms, swimming pools and wellness rooms.

 Ronde shutter in toilet speciale raamvorm product

Can blinds also be used in special window shapes?

Just like our shutters, all our blinds are always custom made. However, blinds cannot be made in special shapes. If you do opt for a blind for example for a round window, it cannot be fitted in but in front of the window opening. Unlike with shutters, with the blind closed, the unusual window shape will be concealed.