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Shutters for tilt and turn windows

A tilt and turn window is a window that you can leave ajar at the top, or open fully, along its vertical axis. These windows can be perfectly combined with shutters.

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 Draaikiepramen met witte shutters slaapkamer impressie
Zwarte shutters van JASNO op een draaikiepraam
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Shutters on the tilt and turn window 

By fitting the shutters on the tilt and turn window itself, the window can always be fully tilted and turned (to a slightly limited extent). Everything depends on how the shutter is installed. The shutter can be chamfered at the edges, to allow the maximum possible opening angle.  Effectively, the shutter swings with the moving part of the window.

We can also extend the handle of your tilt and turn window so that the shutter precisely fits the window frame, with no cutaway section.

Shutters in front of a tilt and turn window

The other possibility is installing shutters in front of the tilt and turn window. If the recess (the section of the wall that runs perpendicular to the window) is deep enough, the shutters can also be installed in front of a tilt and turn window. The advantage here is that the window can be tilted open while the shutters are closed, or you can slide the shutter to one side, so you can turn the entire window open.

The advantage of this solution is a greater blackout effect: the shutter covers the entire window opening and not only the panel of the window itself.

Shutters voor een draaikiepraam

Flat window handle for tilt-and-turn window shutters

On request, we will install an attractive flat window handle on your tilt-and-turn window or shutter. This enables you to open the window (even with the shutter mounted on the frame). The window handle is just 15 mm thick and was developed specially for JASNO. Although the shutter is mounted on the window, the window handle is perfectly concealed.

Cleaning windows

JASNO shutters are low maintenance. Dust and light soiling can be easily removed with a feather duster or Swiffer. Stubborn stains can be removed with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents since these can damage the paint.

 Draaikiepraam witte shutter geopend 2 panelen links rechts impressie