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Shutters for roof windows

We at JASNO have a solution for every window need. For the living room or bathroom, or even the smallest rooms in your home. We can deliver the perfect solution for every space.

 Witte shutters in een dakraam met 2 panelen van het merk JASNO
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 Dakraamshutters wit 2 panelen zolder impressie

Roof window shutters – ideal for VELUX windows

A much-demanded product! Are you looking for an alternative to roller blinds? Are you looking for a window decoration for your attic windows? In roof windows, shutters create a fantastic sunlight effect.

Our wooden Primewood shutters can be fitted on any roof window, making them the perfect sunblind solution for a roof window in an attic room, no matter what make, size or type of roof window you have installed. The shutters can be operated with a rod or the concealed silent view operating system.

Our yacht fastener for roof window shutters prevents the panels opening unexpectedly, but are ideal for offering access to the window for example to clean the glass.

Choose from a wide range of stylish paint and wood stain colours. White shutters are our best-selling product, but black and grey are also popular colours. Choose louvers in width sizes S, M or L. The narrower the louver, the more ‘traditional’ the shutter; the wider the louver, the more ‘modern’ the shutter appears. By selecting shutters without an operating rod, the shutter acquires an even cleaner-lined look.

Shutters for roof windows from Velux, Fakro and Rooflite 

JASNO heeft voor dakramen van de bekende merken Velux, Fakro and Rooflite, JASNO has developed a special frame for roof windows so that the shutters fit practically seamlessly into the roof window frame.

To order the perfect shutter size for your roof windows, simply pass on the roof window code. For help in finding the code for your roof window, check out the website of the roof window specialists Velux, Fakro of Rooflite. Are shutters available for Roto roof windows? Absolutely. Our advisors will be happy to help you.

Shutters can also be installed on tilt-and-turn windows. At our showroom, you are welcome at any time to experience shutters on a roof window and tilt-and-turn window. You can also visit one of our local dealers for personal advice.
What can JASNO do for your roof window?

 Witte shutters in een dakraam met 2 panelen van het merk JASNO