Zwarte Shutters in de woonkamer voor de schuifpui

Create atmosphere in your living room with window decorations

The living room is the perfect place to relax after a long working day, to catch up with friends or to watch your favourite films and series from the sofa. With JASNO window coverings, you can create a warm atmosphere and turn your living room into the calling card for your home. Thanks to their remarkable qualities, every JASNO product delivers an element of luxury in your living room.

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Witte houten jaloezieën van JASNO in de woonkamer

Mix shutters and blinds with curtains

JASNO shutters and blinds not only create an attractive eye catcher in the living room. If you combine wooden shutters or blinds with curtains, the result is a stylish interior effect. As well as the added atmosphere that curtains can provide, you will also enjoy the various functions offered by this product. A superb addition to your shutters or blinds.

Play with light in the living room

Using JASNO shutters and wooden blinds, you can create a pleasant, diffuse light effect in the living room. Play with the intensity of incoming sunlight thanks to the adjustable louvers and enjoy watching TV without the annoying reflections of bright sunlight. If you choose shutters with a dividing bar, you can separately adjust the levels of privacy and light incidence in the top and bottom panels, by adjusting the louvers in the individual shutter panels.

Your living room as open as you want it to be

Does your living room have French doors or a sliding window? Then why not opt for JASNO shutters for the optimum mix of practicality and good looks. Thanks to the smooth rail systems from JASNO, you can effortlessly slide the shutters to one side – and back again so you can continue to use the passage, problem-free.

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Window decoration sunblind

By keeping your window coverings closed on a warm summer’s day, the warming rays of the sun are kept outside and your living room remains refreshingly cool. In the winter, it can be bitter cold outside. Then, too, closing your window coverings offers real advantages. With the window decorations closed, heat cannot escape so easily, and you reduce your heating costs.

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