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Shutters for triangular windows

Shutters are not only the ideal window covering for straight windows, but are equally perfectly suited for windows with a triangle shape. Or a hexagon, an octagon or an arch... In fact, for any type of window, we can produce a perfectly fitting tailor-made shutter. With special window shapes, shutters are one of the few forms of window covering that allow you to black out the window opening while still adjusting the level of daylight that enters your home, and the degree of privacy you enjoy. Shutters are in fact the ideal solution as they allow you to still fully enjoy the unusual lines of the window shape.

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Driehoekraam Osdorp shutters

Our Primewood wooden shutters are suitable for all window shapes, so if you have a straight roof window or a metres-high square, arched or triangular window, the sky is the limit. We manufacture our splashwaterproof Aqualine shutters from high-quality plastic, making them the perfect choice for windows in damp rooms such as bathrooms and kitchens.

These shutters are suitable for fitting in arched and angled window shapes. Depending on the window, the shutters can be mounted on the window itself or on the window frame. The hinges attachment allows you to open the shutters, to access the window glass. If for some reason this is not possible with your windows, the shutter panel can also be clicked onto (and back off) the window frame, with a single movement!

Where can I buy shutters?

Various options for our window decoration system are on display at our showroom in Eersel, including an angled window, fitted with shutters. Please feel free to bring a photograph and the rough dimensions of your windows, so we can prepare a price indication for you. Let us help you find the perfect solution for your windows!

Or visit the showroom at our dealers to see examples of our tailor-made window decorations and receive the sales advice your need.

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