Make every room special with wooden blinds from JASNO

Wooden blinds from JASNO will help you create a unique atmosphere in every room in your home. Wooden blinds make it easy for you to play with sunlight and shadow. Wooden blinds from JASNO are in a class all of their own. For example, they are practically warp resistant, thanks to the fact that our blinds are ‘quarter-sawn’ from the tree trunk, resulting in attractive, long, straight louvers. 

As with our shutters, you can choose from a selection of louver widths and a whole palette of warm and refreshing colours. As a result, you can combine wooden blinds and shutters from JASNO, to create your own personal style. Whether your home is decorated in a country, modern or classical style, our wooden blinds match every interior, and every blind from JASNO is tailor made.

Wooden blinds from JASNO bathroom
Wooden blinds from JASNO in the livingroom white

Wooden blinds made with an eye for detail

At JASNO blinds are more than simply wooden blinds. The strength of JASNO blinds lies in the wealth of carefully-conceived details – often missing in other wooden blinds. These seemingly minor details make a world of difference.

  • Paint finish: JASNO blinds are finished with a scratch-proof, moisture and UV-resistant furniture paint. In other words, they are also suitable for use in the bathroom (steam and occasional splash water). Unlike with many other brands, even the side surfaces of JASNO blinds are painted as standard.
  • Trapezium-shaped bottom strip: the wooden strip suspended below the stack of louvers is trapezium-shaped. As a result, when the blind is closed, the bottom strip as it were disappears behind the bottom louver, creating a cleaner overall look. Furthermore, the bottom strip is suspended just above the window ledge, avoiding the risk of ugly scratching.
  • Cords in front of and behind the louvers: JASNO takes every detail into account, including the ladder cord. The unique feature of our wooden blinds is that the cord runs in front of and behind each louver rather than through holes in the centre of the louvers themselves. With other brands, the cords pass through elliptical holes pierced through the louvers. As a result, our blinds offer greater darkening qualities, a cleaner line and even more privacy. The so-called privacy model is standard on all blinds with no decorative ladder tape. 
  • Wood type: your wooden blinds take on an exclusive look thanks to the subtle grain structure in the Paulownia wood. This light wood is ideally suitable for the making of blinds. The Paulownia tree, or ‘princess tree’ is mainly grown in specially planted plantations making it a sustainable choice.


JASNO wooden blinds always add colour – your colour

Let your fantasy run free. Blinds from JASNO are available in practically every colour of the rainbow. For example, are you looking for white or perhaps black blinds? Anything is possible. You can select from a range of white tones and varnishes from the JASNO collection. Broadly speaking these colours match the colours in our shutter range enabling you to perfectly combine shutters and wooden blinds.

With our wooden blinds, you can also make a choice from a selection of decorative ladder tapes, giving your blinds a special touch.

Wooden blinds JASNO livingroom
Wooden blinds JASNO in babyroom bear white

Measuring the louvers

JASNO blinds you can choose from a selection of louver widths. The perfect size will depend on the effect you aim to achieve with your wooden blinds. The louvers come in 50mm or 63mm wide models, perfectly matching our shutters, so that both products  can be combined in a single project.

Wooden blind heights and widths

Just like you, your home is unique. All wooden blinds from JASNO are therefore tailor-made to match your home. Any size is available, super-high or super-wide. Our blinds are available up to a maximum height and width of 304 cm.

Blind Max. width Max. height Max. surface
Painted blinds 304 cm 304 cm 7,43 m2
Varnished blinds    243 cm 304 cm 7,43 m2

Is your window opening wider? We will simply mount two blinds next to each other, on request with a single wooden valence, to conceal the head rail.


Select from a range of options for your wooden blinds

At JASNO, you decide on the colour and dimensions of your wooden blinds. JASNO also offers a few other unique options from which you can select when ordering blinds. 

  • Operating cord for the blinds: the colour of the operating cord is matched to the colour of the louvers. You decide on which side these cords are attached. The wooden tassels are produced in the same colour as the louvers. 
  • Ladder tape: the finishing touch for your wooden blinds! Create your own unique blind with a decorative ladder tape. This ladder tape conceals the ladder cord and is available in a variety of colours and designs. Together with the colour of your louvers, you can select an endless combination of cords and louver colours.
  • Aluminium head rail: a standard, JASNO blinds are supplied with a steel head rail. However, steel is not suitable for damp rooms such as the bathroom. For these applications, you can choose a special rust-proof aluminium head rail. 
  • Wooden valences: Finish your blinds by concealing the aluminium or steel head rail with a wooden valence. To match your blind, you can select from a range of different models. If two blinds are mounted next to one another, you can even conceal both head rails with a single valence to create a calmer, cleaner look.
  • Somfy operation: It is possible to remotely operate your wooden blinds using the Somfy operating system. Ideal for difficult-to-reach windows or for the simultaneous operation of several sets of blinds! 
Wooden blinds JASNO babyroom pink orange
Wooden blinds JASNO bedroom white

JASNO: problem-free installation of wooden blinds

To ensure that the wooden blinds match your window as perfectly as possible, they can be fitted in one of two ways. The method you choose will depend on the space available in the frame opening, whether the frame is straight and how the window or door opens. You can rely on your JASNO dealer to provide expert advice on the best installation method in your home. 

In the frame / in the window opening

Here, the blind is fitted in the window opening. This is a commonly-used method of fitting blinds: the wooden blinds do not project into the room but remain within the window opening.

On the frame / in front of the window opening

If fitting within the window opening is not possible, the blinds  can be mounted on the frame. In other words, they are fitted in front of the window opening and protrude slightly over the wall edge. For tilt and turn windows or on poorly finished corners, this is the ideal option.



What is the price for wooden blinds?

JASNO blinds are tailor-made to match your home. The price of the wooden blinds will therefore depend on the window size. For more information or a precise price quotation for your country, please contact your local dealer.

Wooden blinds JASNO at office


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