JASNO blinds: wooden venetian blinds

JASNO blinds are stylish and functional window blinds that enable you to create a unique atmosphere in every room in your home. The exceptional quality of our wooden blinds enables you to simply play with sunlight and shadow. One property of our venetian blinds is that they are resistant to warping. How is that possible? Our wooden blinds are produced from sustainable Paulownia wood. The Paulownia tree, also known as the princess tree is generally planted specifically for its timber, making it a sustainable choice. Our wooden louvers are then quarter-sawn from the trunk wood. The result is attractive, long, straight louvers. 

Another unique characteristic of our blinds is that the ladder cord is attached at the front and rear of each louver, rather than through holes drilled into the middle of the louvers. As a result, our blinds ensure an extra blackout effect, a clean-lined look and even greater privacy. This so-called privacy design is the standard. You can also opt to finish your blinds with a decorative ladder strip, in a variety of colours and designs.

Create your own style

By choosing from a series of different collections, louver widths, ladder strips and ladder cords, you can personalise your blinds. Every collection has its own unique palette of colours. Are you looking for white or black blinds, or perhaps a colour somewhere in between? Anything is possible! Select from the range of paint, wood stain and matt oil colours that make up the JASNO collection. The colours and louver widths broadly match those of our shutters so that a combination of shutters and blinds can be the ideal solution for any project. It goes without saying that the blinds are also a perfect match with our folds and vertical blinds (swings).

Whether you have a country style, modern or classic interior, our blinds are a perfect finishing touch. And always made to measure.


JASNO wooden blinds in living room brown
JASNO blinds bedroom white


What do venetian blinds cost?

The price varies for each collection. For a tailor-made price quotation contact one of our expert dealers. Our dealers always visit your home to measure the blinds so you are guaranteed excellent advice and perfectly fitting window coverings.



Where can I buy venetian blinds?

Our blinds are sold by dealers all across Europe. Visit the dealer’s showroom for a closer look at our made-to-measure window decoration and expert advice. For your peace of mind: our expert dealers measure the windows in your home and install the blinds.


JASNO blinds living room white
JASNO blinds living room grey


What kinds of blinds are there?

The collection of JASNO blinds consists of wooden blinds, with a paint, wood stain or matt oil finish.

However, JASNO blinds are not ordinary blinds. The quality of JASNO blinds is reflected by the many unique details often not available on blinds from other manufacturers. The details may appear small, but they make a world of difference.

Plus points of JASNO blinds:

  • Material: louvers produced from Paulownia wood. This lightweight wood variety with its subtle grain structure gives our blinds an exclusive look.
  • Colours: 33 colours in 3 collections.
  • Louver width: 50 or 63 mm.
  • Paint finish: the wooden blinds are finished with a special paint so they are also suitable for use in the bathroom (steam and occasional splash water). The sides of our wooden louvers are also coated, as standard.
  • Trapezium-shaped bottom railwhen closed, the bottom rail is concealed entirely behind the bottom louver, creating a cleaner line. In addition, because the bottom rail never touches the windowsill, there is no risk of scratching.
  • Cordsthe cords run up and down the back of each louver rather than through holes drilled in the middle of the louvers. As a result, the blinds from JASNO have an extra blackout effect, a clean-lined look and offer even more privacy. This so-called privacy model is standard on blinds with no decorative ladder strip. You can finish your blinds with a decorative ladder strip in various colours and designs. 
  • Operating cordthe colour of the operating cord is matched to the colour of the louvers. Decide for yourself on which side to attach the cords. The wooden cord buttons are in the same colour as the louvers.
  • Headrail: as standard, JASNO blinds are fitted with a steel headrail. In damp rooms such as the bathroom, choose a rust-resistant aluminium headrail.
  • Wooden valancescover the aluminium or steel headrails with a wooden valance. Select from a variety of models.
  • DimensionsJASNO blinds are suitable for any application. JASNO blinds in a paint colour are available in maximum dimensions of 304 cm high and 304 cm wide. For blinds with a wood stain or with matt oil finish, the maximum width is 243 cm and the maximum height 304 cm.


JASNO blinds living room black vtwonen
JASNO blinds kitchen white
JASNO blinds bathroom rustic grey

Paints and stains

Our wooden blinds with a paint and stain finish are produced from sustainable Paulownia wood, a lightweight wood variety. The subtle grain structure of this wood gives the blinds an exclusive look.

  • Choose from 26 different colours.
  • Choose from a louver width of 50 or 63 mm.
  • Choose from privacy cord or ladder strip.
  • Thanks to the scratch-proof, moisture-resistant and UV-resistant paint finish, suitable for windows in the bathroom.


JASNO blinds bathroom white
JASNO blinds white in kitchen


Matt oil finish

Our wooden blinds with a matt oil layer finish are also produced from sustainable Paulownia wood. The matt oil layer emphasises the structure of the wooden louvers so their natural look is guaranteed to enhance the atmosphere in your interior. 

  • Choose from 7 colours.
  • Choose from louver width of 50 or 63 mm.
  • Privacy cord or ladder strip.


Why JASNO blinds?

Choosing JASNO means opting for sustainability, service, quality and comfort. We offer a standard 3-year warranty on manufacturing and fitting errors. 

Easily maintain your blinds by cleaning them with a (feather) duster. Stubborn dirt can be removed with a slightly damp cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents as these can damage the finish. 

We are proud to say that JASNO blinds are unlike blinds from any other manufacturer!


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