Zwarte Shutters in de woonkamer voor de schuifpui

Shutters or wooden blinds for wide windows

We at JASNO have a solution for every window need. Whether for a wide feature window in the living room or bedroom or French doors to your garden, we can always offer the perfect solution. 

 Zwarte shutters van JASNO voor openslaande deuren
Shutters op rail showroom JASNO
 Zwarte jaloezieën in rechthoekig raam met ladderkoord product

Do you have a wide window on your home, a feature window or a sliding door? And are you uncertain which type of window decoration to purchase? Look no further! JASNO shutters and wooden blinds are available for every eventuality, and any window height or width! All our window decorations are custom made. You can of course choose the colour that best matches your interior design. We or our expert dealers will visit your home to measure and install the window covering.

Shutters with panels up to 106 cm wide 

Our shutters are foldable interior shutters fitted with adjustable louvers. An extremely practical and atmosphere-enhancing solution for adjusting light and privacy. A single shutter panel with louver size S or M is available up to a maximum width of 91 cm. If you choose louver size L or XL, single shutter panels are available up to maximum width of 106 cm. For wider windows, multiple panels are fitted together, or mounted alongside each other. The result is a set of one, two or more panels, for each window. The number of panels is adjusted to match the measured window opening, always divided into two equal halves.

We can even offer a solution for a situation with a narrow window adjacent to a wide window. We can adjust the panel widths to meet your wishes. Because our shutters are custom made, the possibilities are almost endless. For high windows, shutters are the perfect solution, too. By fitting a divider rail, you can open or close the adjustable louvers in the shutter panels, independently. For example, keep the louvers in the bottom panel closed for privacy, while opening them wide in the upper panel, to allow more daylight to enter.

Houten shutters van JASNO in de eetkamer

Shutters on a rail system above 250 cm wide

If your window is wider than 250 cm, you will need a rail system to guide your shutters. JASNO offers a variety of subtle rail systems for shutters. A rail system is also a practical and attractive solution for shutters in front of sliding doors! The maximum width is unlimited! A metres-wide window opening is no problem, for us.

 Shutters voor brede ramen product impressie vtwonen

Blinds available up to 308 cm wide

We produce our wooden blinds for windows with a maximum width of 3.08 m. This width limit applies both to painted blinds and blinds with a matt oil finish. For blinds in a colour stain, the maximum width available is 2.44 m.

If your window opening is wider, we can install two blinds next to each other. On request we will fit a valance that conceals the headrails. In other words, we can supply blinds for any window width.

We and our specialists will be delighted to introduce you to the options available in JASNO blinds.