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The search for the perfect window decoration starts here

Window decoration is an atmosphere-enhancing element in every interior. It also fulfils a number of essential functions. The perfect window decoration keeps sunlight out during hot summer days, and warmth in in the winter. Far and away the most important function however is adjusting light and privacy, to make your house truly your home. Moving house, renovation work or the purchase of a new home are all ideal moments to investigate the possibilities for your window openings. There is after all so much choice out there on the market, and every type of window decoration has its own characteristics. When searching for your new window covering, therefore, it is important to focus on a number of key points.

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Window decoration for every interior style

From pleated curtains and duo roller blinds through to (wooden) blinds and shutters. Because there are so many types of window decoration, the age-old adage also applies here: well begun is half done. Before you start, it is important to decide on the interior style you wish to create. There is a wealth of inspiration to be found in home decoration and interior design magazines and on Pinterest to create your own mood board. Depending on the interior style you choose, there are a number of window decoration products that will form a perfect match. The materials and colours that suit a country house style are very different from those intended for an industrial interior. And the Scandinavian look quickly gives rise to thoughts of window decoration in shades of white.

Choose the right window coverings for each space

No two rooms in your home are the same and each room requires a different type of window decoration. The most important question is: what requirements must the window decoration meet in the room in which it will be hung? In the bathroom for example, it is important to choose a window covering that can survive the occasional splash of water. Take for example our Aqualine shutters: produced entirely from high-quality plastic material, making them the ideal window decoration for the damp environment of a bathroom.

For a nursery or children’s room, the first requirement is a child-safe window decoration. Child safety is high on the agenda for all JASNO window decorations. In 2016, we introduced the child safe JASNO hanger system. The system comprises a mechanism that cuts through the chain if pressure is applied to the loop. This removes the risk of strangulation. This hanger, fitted as standard on all our wooden blinds with mono command eradicates the risk of strangulation.

In the kitchen, we recommend a window decoration from which splashes of grease and water can be easily removed. But here, too, you wish to retain your privacy. Who wants to have passers-by as it were eat the food from their plates, with their eyes? Shutters are the perfect candidate for the kitchen. If you opt for shutters with a divider rail, you even have the option to operate the top and bottom louvre sections separately. Leave the top louvers open for incoming light and close the bottom section to protect the room from prying eyes.

In a room dominated by concrete walls or little furniture, you want a window decoration that improves the acoustic quality. Why not choose wooden shutters in combination with fabric curtains? The best combination is curtains with a double fabric layer, to absorb as much sound as possible.

Window decoration for every window type

When selecting a new window decoration, first take a careful look at the window type. With a tilt-and-turn window, roof window or French doors, a number of window decorations are immediately unsuitable. Do you have a special window shape in your living room? Of course you do not want to conceal that kind of feature behind curtains. Instead let it be a real eyecatcher in your home design. In this situation, tailor-made shutters would be an excellent choice. In the same way, you do not want to conceal an attractive bay window behind a wall of curtains. Do you have a metres-high window? Or perhaps a small window for which you are seeking the ideal window covering? There is a solution for every window type. We produce our smallest shutter panels from just 20 cm wide, and we can supply wooden blinds for windows just 19 cm wide.

We advise you to take photographs of all your windows, that you can show to the staff at one of the JASNO dealers or in the JASNO showroom. They can help advise you which type of window decoration best suits your windows.

Also remember these points when purchasing your window decoration

Another important tip before you purchase your window decoration: also consider the surroundings. Are there for example door handles, window sills or radiators you need to take into consideration? Are you planning a plaster finish around the window opening, is the ceiling due to be lowered or are you installing a different floor? All these elements may influence the installation (and hence the dimensions) of your window decoration. Remember to always plan a (digital) consultation session with one of our specialists, who will be more than happy to offer advice and help you on your way.