Simple shutter operation

With a simple twist, adjust the sunlight to your wishes. To make life easy for you, the operation of JASNO shutters has been kept smooth and simple. Select the level of comfort you require, from the range of operating options for panels and louvers.

How do you want to open or close your shutters? The choice is yours:

  • Hinging panels that each fold to one side.
  • Concertina panels that fold away to one side.
  • Folding rail: concertina panels that fold together along rails. Ideal for smooth operation of high and wide shutters.
  • Sliding rail: you slide the shutters in front of one another, on rails. Ideal in cramped spaces or with a built-in cupboard wall.
  • 180-Degree folding rail shutters: the shutter panels can be folded back through 180 degrees. These shutters are then suitable for installation in the window opening, allowing the panels to be folded back against the wall.
  • Removing the panel by hand (in this case, the panel is not hinged, but can be removed from the window in one section for example to clean the windows).

Choose from two possibilities for louver operation:

  • Center tiltrod on the front of the louvers.
  • Silentview: operating the louvers themselves. Here there there is no vertical operating strip; the operating mechanism is entirely concealed in the side stile.

Are you looking for more possibilities of playing with light? The horizontal dividing bar means that upper and lower louvers can be operated independently. This connection is essential if panels are higher than 198 cm for Primewood and Ecowood Plus shutters and higher than 187 cm for Ecowood shutters.

High shutters give your room a stately look. If your window is higher than 338 cm or if you want to individually regulate the incidence of light in the top and bottom section, why not choose a double row of top and bottom panels.

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