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Shutters or blinds?

Window coverings come in all shapes and sizes. Some are clearly different such as folding curtains and vertical blinds. Others show considerable similarities such as blinds and shutters. Nonetheless, each of these window decoration products has its own advantages, to match a variety of window shapes and interior  styles. Because shutters and blinds appear very similar at first glance, we have  decided to list both the similarities and the differences.

The similarities 

Shutters and blinds from JASNO are both produced from wood. As a result, these window decoration products can be perfectly combined with an interior that features wooden furniture. Our wooden blinds are also available in the same warm and fashionable colours as the shutters. A combination of shutters and blinds in a single space can result in a well-rounded interior. The louvers on both product types are also easily operated. You decide for yourself how much light enters the room. 

The differences

Nonetheless there are a number of ways in which shutters and wooden blinds differ from one another. Unlike blinds, shutters are mounted in a solid frame. As a result, unlike blinds, shutters cannot be raised on a drawstring, and removed from view. On the other hand, with shutters, you can fold the panels to one side, creating even more possibilities for example in combination with inward opening doors. The operation of the individual louvers also differs in the two products. Shutters are operated by moving either one of the louvers or the operating rod, while the louvers of blinds are adjusted by means of a cord. Furthermore, unlike blinds, shutters can be used in practically every window type. Because shutters are mounted in a frame, which can be produced in any shape, they can easily be used to cover roof windows, tilt and turn windows and windows in special shapes

Do you already have wooden blinds in front of the windows, but still wish to complete your interior with shutters? You can of course place shutters in front of the window, but they can also be used for other purposes. Shutters are for example also ideal as room dividers or cupboard doors


Do you need help making your choice? Download the JASNO app, take a photograph of your window, superimpose shutters or blinds on the photograph, and judge for yourself. Or call in the advice of one of our dealers.



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