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GIO award for JASNO swings

JASNO has won yet another award for vertical blinds: the Good Industrial Design (GIO) award. The unique feature of the JASNO swings is that using a single operating chain, the entire system can be alternately set in motion. The flowing movements of the individual louvers result in a harmonious and unexpected 3D effect. 

The GIO jury praised the swings for this innovative rotation system and the child-safe hanger system, suspended from the operating chain.

Folding curtains from JASNO are already supplied as standard with the child-safe hanger system. The vertical blinds will soon be fitted with the same system. 

Are you attending the Dutch Design Week? The child-safe hanger will be presented at the GIO exhibition in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven (22 to 30 October) in the Netherlands.




GIO award for JASNO vertical louver blinds

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