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Fire-retardant certification for JASNO swings

A perfect solution for your project: JASNO swings, vertical louvers with a twist. The unique feature of these so-called ‘JASNO swings’ is that you can place them in unexpected 3D settings.

The woven paper is specially coated and complies with the following EU standards:

  • EN ISO 11925-2: ignitability of products subjected to direct impingement of flames from a single source.
  • EN 13823: building products excluding floorings exposed to thermal attack by a single burning item.
  • The classification using data from the reaction to fire testing according to EU standard EN 13501-1 is B – s1 – d0.

The polyester fabrics (available in 100% polyester and in 100% trevira cs) are certified in class B1.


JASNO swings: vertical louver blinds

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