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Child safety important for JASNO

We at JASNO attach huge importance to child-safe window decoration. Children can become entangled in the loop of the draw cord and chain used for operating the window covering. 

Specially for our folding curtains and vertical blinds, we developed a child-safe hanger system. This patented system is attached to the operating chain. The system cuts through the chain when pressure is applied to the loop, thereby preventing the risk of strangulation. 

The standard protection system is to attach the chains and cord to the wall or frame, with a cord tensioner. In many cases, consumers prefer not to attach the tensioner to avoid damaging the frame or wall, or because the effect is not aesthetically pleasing. In response, JASNO has developed a free-hanging system that is both child-safe and attractive. We are proud to announce that in the last week we have won yet another award, in part thanks to the the child-safe hanger system.




Child safety hanger for window decoration

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