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Vtwonen ‘in love with your home – again’, folds in Pure Linen

On the Dutch TV programme 'Weer verliefd op je huis' (in love with your home – again), vtwonen stylists take up the challenge of rekindling the love affair between homeowners and their home. The interior tastes of the featured couples differ considerably and without outside help they are unable to reach a compromise. The vtwonen ‘in love with your home’ team makes the necessary changes. 

The stylists regularly use window decorations from JASNO in the new interior. The right colour combinations form the perfect finishing touch to the design. The colour of the window decorations of course plays an important role.    

Folds in woven paper in the colour Pure Linen with wooden strips in Dark Teak
JASNO folds in woven paper in the colour Pure Linen with wooden strips in Dark Teak

Choosing colours 

The choice of a colour is not always an easy one. Vtwonen stylist Marianne installed our folds – folding curtains in a large feature window, in programme 3 of season 5. Her initial colour choice was Simply Grey, but once the entire interior design plan had been sketched out, at the last moment, 5 weeks before the recordings were due to take place, she decided to change colours and instead selected folds in woven paper in the colour Pure Linen with wooden strips in Dark Teak. It was touch and go whether the folds would be available on time, given the standard 5-week delivery time, but it all turned out well in the end. 

The colour change also proved to be an excellent decision. The folds generated a very warm effect in the traditional pink interior, with green accents. 

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JASNO Folds in Pure Linen vtwonen
Folds in woven paper in the colour Pure Linen with wooden strips in Dark Teak

Folds in patio doors 

This fantastic feature window includes concealed patio doors that lead into the garden. When it comes to patio doors, it is important that the window decoration can be easily moved out of the way of the walk-through. In other words, the folding curtains must be easy to raise. 

How can folding curtains from JASNO be raised?
The most commonly selected method for operating the folds – also chosen in this case – is chain operation. 
It is also possible to opt for electrically operated folds, that can even be connected to your home domotic system. This system makes it possible to raise and lower the folding curtains from the comfort of your sofa, via remote control. 

Tip: When purchasing folds for patio doors, make sure that when fully raised, the folds are suspended high enough to walk beneath them. 

How do you clean folds?
Patio doors attract a great deal of dust and dirt from the garden, into your home. The advantage of folds is that they are easily kept clean. Simply brush the woven paper with a feather duster of vacuum cleaner on a low setting, or use a duster or slightly damp cloth to remove any dirt or stains from the wooden strips. Avoid the use of cleaning agents, since they could damage the paint on the wooden strips and the woven paper itself. 

Click here to view programme 3, series 5 of vtwonen weer verliefd op je huis, and enjoy the fabulous result.   

JASNO folding curtains or Folds in vtwonen