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Restaurant Rodez Sieben, Bamberg Germany

Atmospheric dining is just what you can expect at the Rodez Sieben restaurant located in Bamberg (Germany). Alongside solid steaks, the menu lists pastas and pizzas, all prepared with a passion for cuisine in the restaurant’s open kitchen  

Robust design 

The design fully complements the atmosphere of this restaurant. The use of natural colours and materials with plenty of wood reflects a solid look in the interior, that matches the quality of the steaks. Wooden shutters on all the windows are an essential touch!

Atmosphere through shutters

During daylight hours, sunbeams shine through the shutters, giving the interior an even more natural look. By closing the shutters in the evening, the atmosphere becomes more enclosed and cosy, allowing guests to enjoy maximum privacy in the restaurant. 

Thanks to photographer Michael Paff who recorded the atmosphere in his fabulous pictures.



JASNO shutters restaurant Rodez Sieben