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Spring cleaning for your window decoration

Cleaning curtains, shutters, blinds and other window decoration is generally a job no one looks forward to.

JASNO shutters and wooden blinds are however very easy to clean. Remove stains with a damp cloth while dust is best removed with a (feather) duster or Swiffer. Our folds and swings can easily be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. Switch the power to the lowest setting (for furniture) and dust will disappear before your eyes. There is no need to dismantle the window decoration; simply leave it in place. Use these tips to make your life easier!

YOUTUBE channel 

If you have caught the spring cleaning bug, then we have a useful tip for you! Clean your home and work on that killer body at the same time. Watch the genius video channel by Zamarra here and make a complete tour of your home. 

Want to share your cleaning tips?

How do you clean your window decorations? Do you have an essential tip for cleaning your (JASNO) window coverings? Please let us know

Shutters are easy to clean with a duster