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Hygge with shutters

The depths of winter. Black ice warnings. Wrapped in a woollen plaid sipping chai latte on a warm sofa. If possible, a crackling fire lit (and certainly plenty of candles). Good company soon makes the room hygge.

Hygge = cosy

Hygge (pronounced ‘hu-guh’) is the Danish word for cosy. The Danes are considered the happiest people on the planet, and they say the secret to their happiness is hygge. Hygge is all about a cosy atmosphere and interior. The long harsh winters in Denmark mean the Danes recognise better than anyone how important it is to ensure a cosy home environment. And that is something we understand too. Right? With our window decoration collection on board, you’ll soon be feeling totally hyggely.

JASNO goes Denmark

Our shutters, blinds, swings and folds have been available for sale via dealers in Denmark since the end of 2016. From now on the Danes can also create hygge with shutters. And we can learn from their lifestyle. 

Hej (bye)!

Hygge with shutters