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Every woman’s dream

A walk-in wardrobe. At last, enough space for all your shoes, and even a little extra space for your partner. After all, let’s be honest, the poor soul usually has to make do with the little bit of space you are willing to set aside, in the wardrobe. 

Open sesame 
“But aren’t shutters meant to be window coverings?” I hear you thinking. Let me explain. Most walk-in wardrobes have an entrance door that leads to the holy of holy fashion domain. Although generally in the form of sliding doors, why not opt for shutters? In addition to the country house atmosphere you will create, JASNO shutters are always made to measure, a particularly useful feature if you decide to fit your built-in walk-in wardrobe in the attic, where you have to take the shape of the roof into account. 

Fixed louvers 
The (horizontal) louvers in the shutters are generally fixed, in other words placed in a fixed setting, ranging from partially open to fully closed. In the partially open setting, you create a greater sense of depth, while subtly revealing the space behind the shutters; what we could perhaps best describe as the real shutter effect. You can even have part of the shutters fitted with a closed panel. There is no shortage of options! 

With or without rails 
The shutters themselves can be fitted in several different ways. On rails, as a sliding door, or as a folding system or without a rail, allowing you to open two sets of doors at a time. Let your dreams come true and try googling in ‘walk-in wardrobe’ or visit you local JASNO dealer

Greetings from Cynthia 

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JASNO shutters as cupboard doors