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A facelift for your home

Nothing can make your home look better more quickly than a tidying binge. Now that spring has sprung and the sun is shining at last, those dirty windows suddenly stand out more than ever. Or maybe you are bothtered by a jumbled-up bookcase that desperatately needs to be decluttered. Blogger Cynthia offers practical tips on keeping your home tidy. Sometimes it is a question of just getting on and doing it. Even if only for fifteen minutes.

Something that is more time consuming (but oh-so-enjoyable) is a tidying binge that includes your furniture, walls, floors, stairs, the garden or your window decorations. Wallpapering a wall, painting a cupboard, fitting new curtains, changing the layout … the home and garden magazines are packed with ideas, and TV programmes offer plenty of new suggestions. An interior metamorphosis often gives you a feeling of having moved to a new home. This series of photographs shows what we mean by a metamorphosis. It is amazing what happens if you paint the floor, update a few items of furtniture, and purchase shutters. And there you have it: declutter. Less is more!


Voor voor


Na Na

It is something we hear so often: people who have changed their home, be it by moving house, renovating or with a simple metamorphosis … when new design items have been purchased, the most notable change is the shutters. Both the product and its functionality stand out, thanks to the effect of sunlight. 

Do you have before  & after pictures of your home (without and) with JASNO products? Please share them with us! This Facebook album contains more before & after pictures from our customers.