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Window covering for the conservatory / veranda

The conservatory (or enclosed veranda) is made almost entirely out of glass. The heat radiated by the sun can quickly raise the temperature in the room, making the conservatory a pleasant place to spend time, often with a view of the garden. But what is the ideal sunblind for a conservatory? A conservatory roof is often a particularly difficult window to cover and to regulate the levels of sunlight, heat and privacy.

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Of course you want your conservatory to remain the lightest part of the house. And JASNO has the perfect solution. Our collection consists of shutters and wooden blinds. Each product has a unique set of characteristics. All our products are made to measure so you are guaranteed perfectly fitting sun blinds, in your conservatory.

Shutters in the conservatory

Shutters are an attractive and extremely practical alternative for curtains. The louvers on JASNO shutters can be adjusted to any position you desire, to achieve the optimum level of incoming sunlight, in your conservatory. JASNO shutters with a divider rail give you even greater freedom to play with incoming light, by allowing you to individually operate the top and bottom half of the shutter panel. For example close the bottom louver sections to prevent glare and leave the top section open for extra daylight.

Rail system for shutters in the conservatory

Open or closed? One moment you want to enjoy the sense of being surrounded by nature and the next you prefer a more cool or cosy feel. Thanks to the rail systems from JASNO, you can slide the shutters effortlessly to the side and back again. An extremely practical solution in a conservatory with French doors.

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Shutters for the conservatory roof, too

Should you opt for shutters in your conservatory, remember to also think about the angled glass conservatory roof! Thanks to our ingenious tailor-made solutions, we can even install JASNO Primewood shutters on the angled roof glass. Here, too, you can perfectly adjust the incoming light level, in this attractive addition to your home. For high-mounted shutters, you can adjust the louver position with a telescopic operating rod. On roof windows, we fit our Primewood shutter panels with a special frame and a yacht fastener, so the shutters remain perfectly closed.

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Blinds in the conservatory

JASNO also supplies a range of blinds perfect for the conservatory. To let the sun in, raise the blinds or tilt the slats. Because the colours and louver widths on our blinds and shutters match perfectly, you can effortlessly combine the two types of window covering. For example shutters for the roof and blinds for the (wide) conservatory windows.

Insulating properties of shutters and wooden blinds

We supply a range of different types of shutters and blinds. JASNO shutters and blinds are for example produced from wood, a material that naturally delivers a moderate insulating effect. This makes wooden (Primewood) shutters and blinds from JASNO perfect for your conservatory. In the summer they help keep the space cool and in the winter open the shutters wide to let in all of the sun’s warm rays. Also ideal for installation in a bay window.

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