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JASNO wooden blinds

JASNO blinds are a stylish and functional form of window decoration that enables you to create a unique atmosphere in any room in your home. Our louvers, produced from sustainably grown Paulownia wood, allow you to simply play with sunlight and shadow. This light wood variety, with its subtle grain structure, gives the blinds an exclusive look and feel.

What is the difference between blinds and shutters? On blinds you raise or tilt the louvers with operating cords. 

Houten jaloezieën van JASNO in de badkamer
Houten jaloezieën van JASNO in een zwarte uitvoering voor 4 ramen in de woonkamer
Zwarte houten jaloezieën van JASNO met monocommando-ketting
Houten jaloezieën van JASNO in privacy uitvoering

Create your own style with JASNO blinds

Whether your home is decorated in a country, modern or classical style, our blinds suit any interior, and are always made to measure for a perfect fit.

The most important features of our blinds:

  • Always custom made.
  • Available in Paulownia wood; a lightweight but solid wood type that ensures our louvers never warp.
  • Louver width 50 or 63 mm.
  • Ladder cord with standard punched holes or the unique privacy model in which the ladder cords run up the front and back of each louver. This heightens the blackout effect of the blinds and offers even greater privacy.
  • Ladder tape in various widths: narrow tape 10mm, standard (25mm) or extra wide (38mm).
  • Our blinds are also available in a motorised version, with either ladder cord or ladder tape.
  • New: JASNO blinds with mono-command chain. With this option it’s possible to raise and tilt your blinds with just one single (plastic) chain. As standard, the chain is fitted with the child-safe JASNO hanger system.

monocommando bediening voor houten jaloezieën


More light creates more ambience

Our blinds come in 3 finishes: painted, stained or with a matt oil finish. All three types are produced from sustainable Paulownia wood. This wood type combines light weight with super strength, to help prevent our blinds from warping. Each type of blind has its own special properties:

Painted wooden blinds

The woodgrain is not immediately visible in our painted blinds, an effect that results in a clean-lined modern look. JASNO blinds in a paint finish are available up to a maximum width of 308 cm and a maximum height of 304 cm. Choose from our range of stylish paint colours or select any RAL classic, F&B or NCS colour.

Stained wooden blinds

In our stained wooden blinds, every detail of the wood grain is visible through the colour stain. The result is a playful and country house look in your interior. These blinds combine perfectly with a warm-coloured ladder strip, for a harmonious effect. Choose from an attractive palette of colour stains. JASNO blinds in a wood stain finish are available up to a maximum width of 244 cm and a maximum height of 304 cm.

Wooden blinds with a matt oil finish

For the playful, country house look of wood stain blinds but without the gloss effect at certain louver angles, you can choose the purely natural look of our matt oil finish. If this is what you are looking for, our blinds with a matt oil coating are the perfect solution. JASNO blinds with a matt oil finish, just like the blinds with a wood stain finish, are available up to a maximum width of 244 cm and a maximum height of 304 cm.

The price varies for each collection. For a tailor-made price quotation contact one of our expert dealers. Our dealers always visit your home to measure the blinds so you are guaranteed excellent advice and perfectly fitting window coverings.

All our blinds come with a choice of three different operating options: standard operation, monocommand chain or electric. Each option has its own special features:

Standard operation

Our blinds with standard operation consist of a single pull cord and two tilt cords, for adjusting the louver angle. To raise the blind you pull on the cord and then fix the blind (on the brake) at the desired height, by holding the cord diagonally, to one side. To lower the blind, pull the cord diagonally to the centre, and the brake holding the cord will be released. The tilt cords enable you to choose the amount of light entering the room or the degree of privacy you wish to achieve, by tilting the louvers.

Monocommand chain

By selecting this option, you operate your wooden blinds with just one chain. In other words, the same chain serves to raise the blinds and tilt the louvers. As standard, the chain is fitted with the child safe JASNO hanger system. The hanger system incorporates a cutter that cuts through the chain if weight is applied to the loop, thereby preventing the risk of choking. Blinds with a monocommand chain are available with a 10 mm, 25 mm or 38 mm wide ladder strip, and a ladder cord with punched holes (the privacy model is not available with this option). A major advantage of the monocommand chain is that raising and lowering the louvers requires less force.


JASNO blinds now also come in an electric version with near-silent Dooya motorisation, with a simple-to-use remote control unit to operate the blinds. You can choose between Tilt & Lift or Tilt Only. As the name suggests, with the Tilt &Lift option, you can electrically adjust the angle as well as raising and lowering the complete set of louvers. With the Tilt Only option, again as the name suggests, you are only able to adjust the louver angle. A single cord is fitted to the blinds, to allow you to raise and lower the blinds, manually.

Connector APP

Via a WiFi connector bridge, you can also operate the motors with an app on your smartphone. This enables you to set a variety of programmes that will open and close, raise and lower your blinds at preset times. You can also operate your blinds, any time night and day, even if you are not at home.

  • On the frame. The blind is mounted directly onto the window frame. 
  • The most commonly chosen fitting option is inside the window opening. The head rail is attached between the walls. You can choose to have the blind fitted close to the window glass or to leave more space between window and blind.
  • If fitting in the window opening is not possible, blinds can be mounted flat on the wall. This fitting option also delivers an attractive result.
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