Shutters ideal as screen or room divider

Play with the layout of your room. Divide it in two. JASNO shutters can help you create an attractive and practical room divider, without needing a solid structure. 

You can leave shutters as open or closed as you choose

The adjustable louvers on our shutters mean you can bring rooms together, or separate. Open the louvers for more transparency and light or close them for a more intimate atmosphere. Adjusting the louvers will also determine the amount of light entering the room. For all these reasons, shutters are ideal for dividing a room, or closing off a passage in your living space!


Shutters as screens or room dividers
JASNO swings as roomdivider

Shutters create a room divider that will not get in the way

A room divider made of shutters is as flexible as yourself. Slide the shutters to one side to open up the entire space. Depending on the situation, you can fold or slide the room divider away, in its rail system. In this way, you create a passage in your room as wide or as narrow as you like. 

Vertical louver blinds (swings) are also fabulous room dividers

Just like shutters, swings offer numerous possibilities. Slide the louvers out of view when not in use; completely adjust the incidence of light and enjoy the attractive 3D effect. These options help make vertical louver blinds ideal room dividers. The selection of different fabrics and the possibility of combining two fabrics means there is always a room divider made from vertical louvers that matches your interior.

Read on for more information about shutters and wooden blinds for special window shapes or to find a local dealer.


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