Shutters as cupboard doors

Our shutters may well remind you of traditional French louver doors. They are similar, but there are also differences. On shutters, the louvers are adjustable which is not the case for louver doors; shutters are only used indoors, while louver doors can also be used outside. Shutters offer one further advantage as compared with standard louver doors; they are all automatically placed in the same position and you do not have to paint them in the right colour. With our shutters, you can select from the JASNO colour collection or the complete range of RAL and NCS colours.

Stylish louver doors

JASNO shutters are ideally suited for use as louver doors in your home. If you intend to use our shutters for this purpose, they will be made to measure as louver doors, on your behalf. Why not create a stylish feature by using shutters as cupboard doors! We also offer the possibility of fitting a closed panel at the bottom of our shutters – the so-called raised panel. The result is a unique louver door with a sealed panel at the bottom, and louvers at the top!


White shutters as cupboard doors also with raised (bottom) panel
Shutters as cupboard doors bedroom white raised panel

Shutters as cupboard doors

Thanks to their excellent ventilation, JASNO shutters are the ideal cupboard doors for example for your walk-in wardrobe. The advantage of shutters as opposed to traditional louver doors is that the movable louvers enable you to adjust the volume of light. Perfect if your walk-in wardrobe has no windows! The louver adjustment can be achieved either with a tilt rod or silent view. You are free to choose how we make your shutters for your cupboard door or louver door. You can even have the louvers fixed, as is the case with a traditional louver door.

JASNO shutters always fit

Design the cupboard of your dreams: in choosing your cupboard layout, you need to make no concessions based on the width of the louver doors. All our louver doors are made to measure.

Read on for more information about shutters as room dividers, or to find a local dealer.


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