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Shutters app

JASNO has released a mobile application for the iPhone, iPad2, iPod touch and Android devices. Using this free App, in just three simple steps, you can demonstrate what your window would look like, fitted with shutters. This makes JASNO the first company in the sunblind industry to release an App of this kind.

Take a photograph of the window, mark on the photograph the corner points, and insert the shutters. Very quickly and very realistically, the shutters will appear in your interior. By varying with colours, louver sizes or the number of shutter panels, you can design the shutter to meet your style. The App also lists the nearest points of sale.


Dream becomes reality

Surveys revealed that lots of people wondered whether shutters would suit their interior. Simon Sants, co-director at JASNO and inventor of the App commented, “I fantasised for a number of years on how to show people whether shutters would look good in their home. After all, despite all our sample material and photographs of other people’s homes, it is difficult to imagine your own home fitted with shutters. Modern technology has turned my dream into reality in the form of the JASNO App. The App helps us help our potential customers, even better.”


Increased turnover from shutters in bay windows

According to JASNO, consumers experience particular difficulties when purchasing the window decoration for a bay window. “Will I still see the leaded panel?” or “Will the window not look crowded?” are commonly asked questions. Simon Sants explained, “Simply take a photograph of the bay window, process the photograph with the App and decide for yourself. Given the realistic reproduction of the shutters, I expect that the App will be able to convince people much more quickly, and that as a result, sales of shutters for by windows will grow.”

The JASNO App can be downloaded free of charge from the App Store and Android Market.


JASNO shutters app for android, ipad and iphone

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