Maintenance and cleaning of JASNO window coverings

Dust will sometimes unavoidably accumulate on your JASNO window decorations. We cannot magic it away but the following tips will help you quickly and easily clean your window coverings.

Maintenance and cleaning of shutters

JASNO shutters are low maintenance. Dust and light soiling can be easily removed with a feather duster or Swiffer. Stubborn stains can be removed with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents since these can damage the paint.

The simplest and quickest way to clean the louvers that make up your shutters is to close the blinds, and dust one side clean. Then close the louvers the other way around, and simply clean the other side, too. In other words, there is no need to clean the blinds louver by louver.

How do I clean shutters?
How do I clean wooden blinds?

Maintenance and cleaning of blinds

Simply clean your JASNO blinds using a (feather) duster. More stubborn stains can be removed with a damp cloth. Avoid using aggressive cleaning agents which can damage the paint. 

The quickest and easiest way to clean the louvers of your blinds is to close the blinds and wipe them down with a duster. Then close the blinds the other way around and dust the other side clean. All that then remains is for you to clean a small section of each louver, one at a time.

Maintaining and cleaning folding curtains (folds)

The folding curtains (folds) are also easily cleaned. Folds are produced from woven paper, in some cases supplemented with a polyester fabric. The woven paper can be kept clean with a brush or vacuum cleaner at a low setting.

Wipe the wooden strips clean with a duster. Avoiding the use of water and cleaning agents for cleaning your folds since they may damage the paint on the wooden strips and the paper of the folds themselves. 

How do I clean folding curtains?
How do I clean vertical louvers?

Maintaining and cleaning vertical blinds

Dust can be quickly and easily removed from JASNO swings. These vertical louvers are produced from woven paper, polyester or trevira cs. Clean vertical louvers with a vacuum cleaner switched to a low setting, with the brush attachment fitted, or simply use a soft brush or duster. 

The vertical louvers in polyester and trevira cs can also be gently wiped down with a damp cloth. 

For project cleaning, contact a professional cleaning company.

Replacing individual shutter louvers

When your shutters were fitted, the fitter will have supplied a number of spare louvers. If you have to replace a louver, you can download the relevant instructions from one of the following links.

Kitchen with JASNO shutters

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