The JASNO shutters and blinds App for Apple and Android

The JASNO App for Apple and Android creates a simulated vision of what shutters and blinds would look like in front of the windows of your hotel, or in your customer’s home. You can for example demonstrate what the window in the nursery or kitchen would look like, fitted with shutters or blinds.

Jasno shutters app Apple iphoneJasno shutters app Android

Shutters or blinds for your windows

Make a photograph with your smartphone, or select a photograph from your album in the App, mark on the photograph the corner points of the window/door/passageway or closet, type in the width, and the shutter or blind will appear. 

You can then make a whole range of adjustments: change the colour of the shutters or blinds, the number of panels, the operating system or the louver size. You can also install a number of shutters or blinds in a single photograph, to create an overall look.

Once you have finished your adjustments, you can store the photograph complete with shutters or blinds in the gallery, send it via e-mail or share the image via Twitter or Facebook. 

To see examples of blinds and shutters for round windows and skylights, why not check out the photographs of completed projects.

The JASNO shutters and blinds App for Apple and Android


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