What should I look out for when buying shutters?

There are huge quality differences when it comes to shutters. Are you looking to purchase shutters? Then at least look out for the following points:

  • Hinges. JASNO supplies all its shutters as standard with flush-fitted hinges.
  • Moisture resistance. JASNO shutters are moisture resistant, making them ideal for use in the bathroom.
  • Paint. JASNO uses scratchproof and impact-resistant furniture paint with UV blockers. Shutters are finished with multiple coats.
  • Warping. JASNO supplies its shutters with quarter-sawn louvers. As a result, the likelihood of the louvers twisting or warping is very low. The production method also makes it possible to manufacture panels, problem-free, with a maximum width of 91 cm.
  • Warranty. JASNO offers a 3-year warranty for manufacturing faults and discolouration.

Please send me more information about these characteristics of JASNO products.

Can I also use shutters, blinds, folds and swings in the bathroom?

All shutters from JASNO are moisture-resistant. The wood is finished with a special costing and the mechanism is rust resistant. This makes them ideally suitable for use in the bathroom, swimming pool or wellness room. Condensation and the occasional splatter with water are no problem, but shutters in direct contact with water are not covered by the warranty. The same applies for JASNO’s blinds. Make sure you order blinds with an aluminium headrail, instead of the steel version. Aluminium is moisture resistant. Because of the presence of moisture in combination with woven paper, our folds and swings are less suitable as a window decoration in a bathroom environment.  

Can shutters also be fitted on roof windows and tilt-and-turn windows?

Yes, shutters can be fitted on every special window type. For roof windows, we supply shutters in the standard sizes for the leading brands Velux, Fakro and Rooflite. Shutters can also be fitted on tilt-and-turn windows, both on the window and in front of the window. The result is a better fit with the window than with curtains. 

Do shutters have the same black-out effect as curtains?

This depends on the type of curtain you compare them with. Black-out curtains exclude all light; ordinary curtains often allow light to pass through the fabric. Our shutters are wooden panels in which the louvers close very tightly. However, tiny cracks remain between the louvers, through which light can penetrate. Our shutters are fitted with concealed hinges. As a result, the gap between the panel and the frame on JASNO shutters is smaller than on shutters with surface-mounted hinges. JASNO shutters are always tailor-made and produced and fitted accurate to the nearest millimetre.

Can I finance shutters via my mortgage?

Absolutely. This is permitted with most mortgages, as long as the shutters are fixed to the house. To be certain, ask your mortgage lender. In this way you can spread the purchase costs over a longer period. If you subsequently wish to sell your house, shutters certainly add value to your home.

Can you explain the price difference between different suppliers of shutters, wooden blinds, folding curtains and vertical louver blinds?

There are numerous factors that determine the price of shutters, wooden blinds, folding curtains en vertical louver blinds. Take for example:

  • the shape of the window;
  • the material (for example wood type);
  • the (paint) finish;
  • the operating mechanism;
  • the service provided by the supplier.

It is worthwhile considering different brands. Make sure you are consistent in making your comparisons. There are huge differences in quality. 

JASNO opts to not offer products at ‘stunt prices’ unlike certain other manufacturers. We aim to supply the best looking and best quality window decoration, with no price concessions! Also read the answer to the question ‘What should I look out for when buying shutters?’ or look at what JASNO is all about: quality shutters! Check carefully whether the wooden blinds are made to measure or whether you have to shorten them to fit your windows (these are often cheaper). Or whether you have to fit the shutters, blinds, folding curtains or vertical blinds yourself, or whether they are fitted in your home.

Can Primewood shutters be combined with Ecowood shutters?

Certainly. The colours match so the different types can be combined in the same home. We do not recommend the use of both shutter types in a single window opening, due to small design differences. 

Are Primewood shutters more sustainable than Ecowood shutters?

The wood we use for all our products is harvested and processed in an environmentally friendly manner. Our Primewood shutters are produced from white teak. The FSC®-certification of Primewood shutters means we are not only able to demonstrate that the wood comes from 100% FSC-certified woodland, but also that it is processed in an FSC-certified sawmill and factory.

For Ecowood shutters we use wood fibres. Thanks to using this ‘residual product’, we are even more efficient in our use of wood. Our Ecowood shutters are therefore a sustainable product and an attractive supplement to Primewood shutters.

Can JASNO shutters be supplied with electric operation?

We are not able to supply electric shutters. As a result, it is not possible to order our shutters with remote control or for domotic systems.

Is it possible to have shutters sand-blasted (sandblast option)?

Unfortunately we are no longer able to supply sand-blasted shutters. Click here for the current JASNO colour collection.

What should I look out for when buying wooden blinds?

When buying wooden blinds at least watch out for the following:

  • Paint finish. JASNO uses scratch-proof and impact-resistant furniture paint with UV blockers. The blinds receive several coats of paint. The sides of the louvers are also painted.
  • Moisture resistance. Our blinds are suitable for use in the bathroom or wellness room, as long as you select the aluminium headrail. The louvers are finished with a moisture-resistant coating.
  • Tassels. JASNO supplies its tassels in the same colour as the louvers. 
  • Bottom rail. The JASNO bottom rail has a trapezoid shape to prevent damage to the windowsill. 
  • Warping. JASNO supplies its blinds with quarter-sawn louvers. This reduces the risk of twisting or warping of the louver. This work method also makes it possible to supply very wide wooden blinds, problem-free.
  • Width and height. JASNO is able to produce blinds up to a maximum height and width of 304 cm.
  • Warranty. JASNO offers a 3-year warranty on manufacturing errors and discolouration. 

What is the difference between blinds and Luxaflex?

There is no difference. Luxaflex is a brand selling blinds. Over the years, Luxaflex has become a household name (in the Netherlands) for the window decoration otherwise known as a horizontal blind or venetian blind. JASNO sells wooden blinds, in the same way as Luxaflex. The difference is that JASNO only sells wooden blinds. Luxaflex also sells blinds in other materials such as aluminium.

Do JASNO products come with a warranty?

Yes, as standard you have three years warranty for manufacturing errors and discolouration in shutters and wooden blinds. Folds and swings come with a two-year warranty on the textile and three years on the headrail and operating mechanism. When our products are delivered, they come with a code. If you register on the website, you will earn an extra warranty period.

The child-safe hanger system also cuts through the operating cord for the swings or the operating chain for the folds whenever pressure is applied to the loop. The re-attachment of the detached cord and the replacement of a cord or chain cut through by the child-safe hanger system are not covered by the warranty.

What is the delivery time?

From the moment we receive your order, delivery times are as follows: 

shutters 12 - 14 weeks
wooden blinds 9 weeks
folds 6 weeks
vertical louver blinds 5 weeks

JASNO promotes sustainability. We have chosen standard delivery by sea because sea cargo is less burdensome for the environment.

The delivery time for shutters can be reduced to 7 weeks and wooden louver blinds to 6 weeks, subject to an additional charge. 

Where can I view and order JASNO window decorations?

JASNO sells its products via carefully selected dealers throughout the Netherlands. They have examples and colour samples at their showroom, and can offer you expert advice on the various possibilities. Use the dealer locator to rapidly identify the nearest JASNO dealer. 

How child safe are JASNO window decorations?

Child-safe window decorations are important to JASNO. Children can become entangled in the loop of pull cords or chains that operate the window covering. Our products are protected in several ways, to prevent this happening. 

JASNO recently introduced a child-safe hanger system. This patented hanger system is mounted on the operating chain for the folds and the operating cord for the swings. The hanger system cuts through the chain or cord whenever pressure is applied to the loop, thereby preventing the risk of strangulation. Replacing a cut-through cord or chain is not covered by the product warranty. 

The cords at the back of the folds are released whenever pressure is applied to them. The breaking off and refixing of the cords are not covered by the warranty. 

The draw cords and chains on blinds and swings are always fitted with cord cutters that break the cord and/or chain tensioners that enable you to attach the cords close against the wall, beyond the reach of children. 

How do I clean shutters, blinds, folding curtains and vertical louver blinds?

JASNO shutters, wooden blinds, folding curtains (swings) en vertical louvers (swings) are easy to maintain.

Our advice for shutters and wooden blinds:

Dust and light soiling can be easily removed with a feather duster or Swiffer. Remove stubborn stains with a damp cloth. Avoid the use of aggressive cleaning agents since these can damage the paint.

Our advice for folding curtains:

The woven paper can be easily cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner on a low setting. The wooden blinds can be cleaned with a duster or damp cloth, in the same way as our shutters and wooden blinds. On folding curtains also avoid cleaning agents since these can damage the paint on the wooden strips and the paper.

Our advice for vertical louvers:

To remove any dust from JASNO swings, use the brush head of the vacuum cleaner at a low setting, or a soft brush or Swiffer. For project cleaning, contact a professional cleaning company. 


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