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Shutters in or next to your front door

The entrance hall may not be the first place in your home where you would consider installing window decoration, but it is a part of your home where privacy is certainly a priority. Do you have a window in or around your front door, that you wish to protect from curious passers-by? JASNO shutters are the perfect option for hall windows.

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No prying eyes thanks to JASNO shutters

With JASNO shutters, you adjust the level of sunlight and privacy with ease. Thanks to shutters with a divider rail, you do not have to choose between light and privacy. Close the bottom louvers to prevent prying eyes, and leave the upper panels open to allow the sunlight to enter. Or tilt the louvers to allow incoming sunlight while retaining your privacy.

Adjust light and privacy in style

Because the entrance hall is often the calling card of your home, you want it to be stylishly decorated. Our shutters are always made to measure, and form a practical and atmosphere-enhancing alternative for roller blinds and folding curtains. We produce single shutter panels from a width of just 19 cm, making shutters are perfect solution for narrow, smaller windows, in or next to the front door. Each shutter panel consists of adjustable tilting louvers. Play with light while retaining your privacy. Close the louvers completely, or angle them to see who is stood before your door.

You can also perfectly match the shutters to the colour of your front door or the walls of your hall. Click here to view the stylish paint and woodstain colours from the JASNO collection. Or you can choose from the full range of RAL classic, F&B and NCS colours.

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Advice from the specialist

What forms of installation are possible, what is your favourite colour and which colour best matches your front door and entrance hall? With more than 20 years’ experience, we understand better than anyone the best options for your windows and interior. Our specialists will be pleased to visit your home for a no strings attached consultation and will measure the window to ensure a perfect fit.

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