Bring life to the kitchen with shutters and wooden blinds

Make your own delicious meals or enjoy a pleasant dinner and good company, in the kitchen; the heart of the home. Shutters and wooden blinds create a relaxed atmosphere in any kitchen. Thanks to their uncompromising quality, shutters and wooden blinds from JASNO are the ideal window decoration for the kitchen. Shutters and wooden blinds take up little space, guarantee sufficient incoming light in the kitchen but can also be used to cool or darken the kitchen space. With the option of mounting shutters on a rail system, you can even install our shutters in a kitchen with French windows to the garden!

Bring life to the kitchen with shutters and wooden blinds
Shutters in kitchen cat

Shutters and wooden blinds and easy to clean in the kitchen 

JASNO shutters and wooden blinds are ideal for use in the kitchen where dust, splash water and the build-up of grease are constant problems. It goes without saying that you want your kitchen window covering to be as hygienic as possible! Shutters and wooden blinds make your life particularly easy. They can be dusted in just a few seconds with a feather duster or Swiffer duster. For more stubborn stains, use a damp cloth and lukewarm water, or a cleaning cloth. Simply wipe the stains and grease from the louvers, leaving you plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful sunlight!


Read on for more information about shutters and wooden blinds for the bedroom, or to find a local dealer.


JASNO shutters in combination with curtains
JASNO shutters in a kitchen
JASNO shutters and wooden blinds in black in the dining room
JASNO wooden blinds in white in a kitchen
JASNO wooden blinds in white in a kitchen

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