Shutters or wooden blinds for high windows

Do you have high windows? Using shutters or wooden blinds from JASNO, you emphasise the impression of height even more. Thanks to the quality made-to-measure fitting, JASNO can always supply shutters or wooden blinds that meet your wishes and match the situation. 

Shutters up to 338 cm high

We produce shutters up to a height of 338 cm. To increase overall strength, we may fit one or more horizontal dividing bars. These bars also make it possible for you to separately open and close the louvers above and below the divide. Using the extendable operating rod, you can also operate louvers that are beyond your normal reach. 

Even higher? Twin-hung shutters are the solution

For windows higher than 338 cm or for clients who want to be able to separately open and operate the panels, the ideal solution is a set of twin-hung shutters: two rows of shutter panels mounted one above the other. In this way, we can even supply shutters for windows higher than 338 cm. Our specialists can advise you on the possibilities for shutters that will make your windows look picture perfect!

Shutters for high windows white
White blinds for high windows bedroom

Blinds are available up to a maximum height of 3.04 m

Our wooden blinds are available for windows up to a maximum height of 3.04 m. In other words, even for a 3 metre-high window, not only do we supply shutters but also blinds. A fabulous solution for a high window opening. For information contact our dealers or be inspired by our photographs of blinds. 


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