Shutters for special shaped windows

Where can you find a sunscreen for a round, angled or oval window? For windows with special shapes, shutters from JASNO are one of the few solutions available. Because JASNO shutters are all made to measure, we can produce any shape you require. In fact, shutters look their best in specially-shaped windows.

Round, arched, oval, angled or octagonal windows with shutters

We have the perfect shutter for every window shape. Whatever shape you require, we can make it! Do you have a round window or an angled window that has always been a headache to cover? Or perhaps an arched window, oval window or an octagonal window? Anything is possible. Unlike curtains or other window coverings, our shutters emphasise the characteristic shape of the window and the adjustable louvers mean you can still regulate the level of privacy or incidence of light.

Shutters ideal for special window shapes bedroom


Shutters for an arched window

Shutter options in your special window shape

Our specialists will visit your home to take the measurements and order perfectly fitting shutters for your window. In this way, we guarantee a made-to-measure shutters, that fits your window perfectly. Depending on the actual window, the shutters will be attached to the inner or outer frame. Hinges mean you can still reach the window by opening the shutter. If the window shape means hinges are not possible, you can still click the shutter panel in or out, so it can be removed or replaced in a single section!

Read on for more information about shutters and wooden blinds for high windows, or to find a local dealer.


JASNO shutters white slope window bed & breakfast
JASNO shutters in black slope window bathroom
JASNO shutters in black in a bathroom
JASNO shutters in white bed & breakfast La Suite
JASNO shutters white bathroom angled window
JASNO shutters black dining room
JASNO shutters white round window
JASNO shutters in white for special shaped windows
JASNO shutters in white high window
Office with JASNO shutters in black
JASNO shutters in black in a meeting room
JASNO shutters in white round window
JASNO shutters in white stained glass
JASNO shutters in white round window livingroom
JASNO shutters brown dining room
JASNO shutters in white round window livingroom
JASNO shutters white bathroom bedroom slope

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