Shutters or wooden blinds for wide windows

Do you have a wide window on your home, a feature window or a sliding door? And are you uncertain which type of window decoration to purchase? Look no further! JASNO shutters and wooden blinds are available for every eventuality, and any window height or width!

Shutters with panels up to 106 cm wide

The maximum width of a shutter panel with louver sizes S and M is 91 cm. The maximum width of a shutter panel is 106 cm if you choose shutters with louver sizes L or XL. If your window is wider, then simply place multiple panels next to one another. In this way, you can fit your window with shutters made up of one, two or more panels. The number of shutter panels will be adjusted to the window width you specify: remember, the two halves will always be the same width. Even if you have a narrow and a wide window next to one another in which you would like to fit shutters, we can meet your needs! We can adjust the panel widths of the shutters to your wishes. Remember, the maximum panel width is still 106 cm.

Shutters on a rail system above 250 cm wide

If your window is wider than 250 cm, you will need a rail system to guide your shutters. JASNO offers a variety of subtle rail systems for shutters. A rail system is also a practical and attractive solution for shutters in front of sliding doors!

Black shutters in the living room
White wooden blinds babyroom

Blinds available up to 308 cm wide

We produce our wooden blinds for windows with a maximum width of 3.08 m. This width limit applies both to painted blinds and blinds with a matt oil finish. For blinds in a colour stain, the maximum width available is 2.44 m. The quarter-sawn louvers that make up our wooden blinds are perfectly straight and long. This sawing method keeps the warping of the louvers to a minimum, which is particularly important with wide louver sizes.

If your window opening is wider, we can install two blinds next to each other. On request we will fit a valance that conceals the headrails. In other words, we can supply blinds for any window width.

Read on for more information about shutters or wooden blinds in the bathroom, or to find a local dealer.


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