Shutters and blinds: enhance the atmosphere in your wellness room

Give your swimming pool or wellness room a calm and Mediterranean feel. The diffuse light created by JASNO shutters and blinds contributes to a feeling of luxury and wellbeing. JASNO wooden blinds and shutters are moisture-resistant and our Aqualine shutters are in fact waterproof! Ideal for a window covering in a wellness room.

You don't need to have concerns about damp with JASNO shutters and wooden blinds

JASNO wooden blinds and shutters are treated with a special paint or oil. In addition, the aluminium headrail on our blinds and the hinges on our shutters are rust-proof. Thanks to these moisture-resistant qualities, as well as waterproof Aqualine shutters, our blinds and Primewood shutters are ideal for use in a wellness room. 

Unlike Aqualine shutters produced from plastic material, blinds and wooden shutters may not come into direct contact with water. Blinds and shutters can easily cope with condensation but to retain their warranty on the paint, you must ensure sufficient ventilation. For window decoration in damp rooms, we therefore recommend Aqualine shutters.

Enhance the atmosphere in your wellness room with JASNO shutters


Enhance the atmosphere in your wellness room with JASNO blinds

Create atmosphere with light

A wellness room is an oasis of peace. A relaxed environment and an appealing incidence of light are absolutely essential. Adjust the louvers on your shutters or blinds and play with the light. Or close the louvers completely for a sense of wellbeing and privacy. Do you have large window areas in your wellness room? Thanks to the smooth rail systems from JASNO, you can effortlessly slide your shutters to one side - and back again.

Atmosphere enhancing and warm

Add a warm touch to your wellness room with atmosphere-enhancing colours and natural materials. JASNO shutters and blinds are both available in a wood version. With a coat of varnish on the wooden louvers, the entire wood structure remains visible and you create a warm and atmosphere-enhancing look.


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