Shutters and wooden blinds ideal for the bathroom

Shutters or wooden blinds in the bathroom? A perfect combination! Shutters and wooden blinds from JASNO lend your bathroom a fantastic look and give the attractive space that luxurious relaxed feeling of wellness. The splash waterproof shutters and water-resistant wooden blinds are the ideal window decoration for the bathroom.

Splash waterproof, the key characteristic of Aqualine shutters

Aqualine shutters are ideally suited for damp rooms; indeed, these shutters are at their best when used in the bathroom! Aqualine shutters are produced entirely from a high-quality plastic material.

Aqualine shutters can also be mounted on specially shaped windows and tilt-and-turn windows. All in all, Aqualine shutters are the ideal window decoration for the bathroom. 

Would you rather have Primewood shutters in your bathroom? These shutters are also suitable for damp rooms. Make sure that the room is sufficiently ventilated to maintain the paint warranty.


Shutters tilt-and-turn window


Blinds perfectly for the bathroom

No worries about moisture with wooden blinds from JASNO

JASNO wooden blinds are treated with a special paint or oil finish. Thanks to these moisture-resistant qualities, wooden blinds from JASNO are also ideal for use in your bathroom or wellness area. Unlike Aqualine shutters, wooden blinds may not come into direct contact with water; on the other hand, the wooden blinds can cope perfectly well with condensation as long as the room is well ventilated. 

Create atmosphere in your bathroom with shutters and wooden blinds

In the bathroom, you want to be able to enjoy a sense of relaxation. Shutters or wooden blinds from JASNO mean you can play with incoming sunlight. In this way not only do you create the atmosphere you are looking for but also ensure comfort and privacy. By adjusting the louvers, you can reduce the view in from outside, while still retaining natural light in your bathroom. Or simply close the blinds completely and enjoy the effect created by your bathroom lighting. 


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