Window decoration for perfect natural light in your workplace

The best source of lighting for your workroom, office or studio is sunlight. Enjoy the advantages of sunlight with window decorations from JASNO. Our products are manufactured with an eye for the smallest detail … And that fact makes them both impressive and inspiring!

Adjust sunlight to your needs with shutters

You can steplessly adjust the louvers of the shutters, to any position you want. You can change the incidence of sunlight in such a way that it does not shine in your face or on your monitor screen; the ideal solution for working at the computer, in bright sunlight. For all these reasons, shutters are the ideal solution for window decoration in the office.

Individual adjustment with dividing bar

JASNO shutters with dividing bar offer even greater freedom to play with light. For example, close the bottom louvers of the shutters to prevent irritating reflection but open up the top louvers for extra light. Because all JASNO shutters are made to measure, we can produce window decorations in any shape you require. Our shutters can be fitted on high windows, wide windows or even as room dividers in your study or office. Perhaps you have a round or triangular window that has been a problem in terms of window decoration for some time. JASNO shutters are one of the few solutions for special window shapes.

Workroom or office with JASNO shutters
Workroom or office with JASNO blinds

Natural light with blinds

Using blinds you can easily determine the volume of natural light entering your study or office, as well as screening yourself from bright sunlight and keeping the inquiring eyes of your competition at a distance. Wooden blinds from JASNO have two operating cords for adjusting the incidence of light between the louvers. By raising the blind to the required height or tilting the louvers, you can guarantee the availability of sufficient natural light in which to work, throughout the day.

Will you choose the ladder strip or ladder cord? And what about 50 or 63 mm louvers? What colour best matches your study? Wooden blinds from JASNO are made to measure. Your local dealer will be delighted to offer advice and assist you in the important decisions, so that you select a blind that delivers the perfect finish your your place of work. 

Folds provide a special form of light regulation

The folding curtains or folds from JASNO are produced from woven paper with wooden strips. This material choice gives our folds a robust and durable look, and makes them ideally suitable for decorating the windows in your study or office. Maintain a sense of peace in your study by matching the colour of the wooden strips to the woven paper, or create a more challenging and inspiring look by combining the wooden strips and woven paper in contrasting colours.  

You can also select from 3 different levels of transparency. The semi-transparent, light-permeable fold guarantees a fantastic incidence of light into your study, through the woven paper. The light filtering variant delivers a more subtle light effect, allowing less light to pass. Finally, it is possible to completely darken your work space by installing our blackout folds. 

Workroom or office with JASNO folds
Workroom or office with JASNO swings

Swings make your study a fully fledged office

Vertical louvers are viewed as a typical office product and deliver the perfect finishing touch to your work space. The most remarkable feature of the JASNO swings is their unique 3D effect that makes the product not only functional but also turns it into a real eye catcher. Set louvers in motion with the operating chain, select the perfect angle setting, and create the ideal lighting conditions for a productive working day.  

Swings are a fantastic addition to any window, but can also be used to create the ideal room divider. A useful way of cutting yourself off from your colleagues, for that extra degree of privacy.


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