Shutters and wooden blinds ideal for the bathroom

Shutters or wooden blinds in the bathroom? Yes. The perfect combination! Using shutters and wooden blinds from JASNO you can give your bathroom a special finish making it an attractive space with a delightful, relaxed sense of wellness. JASNO wooden blinds and shutters are damp-resistant and fit on any bathroom window, making them the ideal window decoration for the bathroom!

No concerns about damp with JASNO window coverings

JASNO wooden blinds and shutters are treated with a special paint or oil. The hinges on the shutters and the aluminium headrail for the wooden blinds are rust-resistant. Thanks to these damp-proof qualities, you can install JASNO shutters and wooden blinds problem-free in your bathroom or wellness area. However, they should never be placed in direct contact with water; condensation and an incidental splash of water will cause no damage to the shutters or wooden blinds. Wooden blinds and shutters from JASNO are therefore the ideal solution for sunscreens in your bathroom windows!

Wooden blinds perfect for the bathroom


Shutters on tilt and turn windows, ideal in the bathroom

Create atmosphere in your bathroom with shutters and blinds

In your bathroom, you wish to enjoy a relaxing environment. JASNO shutters and wooden blinds help you play with sunlight. Not only can you set the atmosphere but also ensure a sense of security and privacy. By adjusting the louvers, you can prevent being overlooked from outside, but still allow light into your bathroom. Or you can close the blind completely and enjoy the atmosphere created with your own bathroom lighting. 

Wood, the perfect sounding board in your bathroom

Ensure a real sense and sound of warmth in the bathroom. JASNO shutters and wooden blinds are produced from wood.  The result is pleasant acoustics in an otherwise perhaps clinical bathroom environment. These forms of window covering ensure a warm atmosphere in your bathroom!


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JASNO shutters triangle frame bedroom bathroom white
JASNO shutters in the bathroom white
JASNO wooden blinds in white in a bathroom
JASNO wooden blinds in brown grey in a bathroom
JASNO wooden blinds in white in a bathroom
JASNO wooden blinds in white in a bathroom

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