Options for shutter installation

JASNO offers four options for the fitting of your american shutters. The system you choose will depend on the space available in the frame opening, whether the frame is straight, and the way in which the window or door opens. Your JASNO dealer will offer expert advice on the most suitable installation method in your home. Your dealer will also expertly measure and install the entire system.

  • On the frame: in this method, the shutter is most deeply integrated in the wall opening. The mounting bar on which the shutter panels are fitted is attached directly to the window frame.
  • Inside the wall opening: the mounting bar in this solution is attached to the inside wall. Even if your walls are not entirely straight, this fitting method is still possible.
  • Using an R-frame: fitting inside the window opening using an R-frame is ideal for tilt and turn windows. Because the shutters are fitted so far forward, you can still enjoy the maximum benefit of the tilt window. The R-frame also conceals any imperfections if the window opening is not perfectly square.   
  • On the wall: if fitting inside the wall opening is not possible, shutters can be mounted on the wall. With this method, too, the result remains most attractive.

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