Liven up your kitchen with window decorations

Make your own delicious meals or enjoy a pleasant dinner and good company, in the kitchen; the heart of the home. Window decoration creates a relaxed atmosphere in any kitchen. Thanks to the no-compromise quality they offer, window decoration products from JASNO are the ideal window covering in the kitchen. Blinds take up little space, guarantee sufficient incoming light in the kitchen but can also be used to cool or darken the kitchen space. With the option of mounting shutters on a rail system, you can even install our shutters in a kitchen with French windows to the garden!

JASNO blinds create a relaxed atmosphere in any kitchen

Cleaning window decorations in the kitchen

In the kitchen, dust and greasy deposits are a permanent problem. It is important to keep your window covering in the kitchen as clean and hygienic as possible. Window decorations from JASNO can be easily and quickly cleaned.

Dust for example can simply be removed from your shutters in just a few seconds with a feather duster or Swiffer. For more stubborn stains use a slightly damp cloth to gently wipe stains and deposits from the louvers. As a result, you will still have enough time to create delicious dishes in the kitchen, while enjoying the attractive light effect!


Bring nature into your kitchen with folds, shutters or blinds

Do you like to cook with organic products or promote a natural and healthy diet? Then you should match your cooking style with the appearance of your kitchen. Why not use natural materials for the finishing touch to your kitchen, including the window decoration? Our folds or folding curtains are produced from woven paper and wooden strips, so their robust and sustainable appearance perfectly matches this healthy cooking style.

Shutters and blinds are also available in wood. A colour stain means the wood structure remains visible and emphasises the use of natural materials. You can of course also opt for a paint colour.

JASNO folds create a relaxed atmosphere in any kitchen
JASNO shutters on a tilt and turn window

Bring fresh air in from outside

Fresh air and natural daylight from outside are welcome in the kitchen. A tilt-and-turn window in the kitchen is an excellent idea. Kitchen smells are no longer trapped in the home, escaping easily into the outside air, while a refreshing breeze will help cool you down as you work at a hot stove. A tilt-and-turn window in the kitchen offers numerous advantages. But how can it be combined with a window decoration?

Shutters are a perfect solution for covering tilt-and-turn windows. Mount the shutters on the window itself or if the window opening is deep enough, in front of the window frame. Both solutions enable you to enjoy the fresh outdoor air, while retaining the level of privacy you desire.


Swings to decorate your kitchen

Vertical louvers provide the perfect finish in your kitchen. Swings from JASNO make your kitchen a real eye-catcher. The clean-lined look combined with the unique 3D effect make swings a true designer product. Place the louvers at an attractive angle and enjoy the beautiful incidence of natural light. Or completely close the louvers and keep hungry stares out of your kitchen.

Would you in fact prefer normal louvers with no 3D effect? Then JASNO still has the perfect product for you.


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JASNO swings create a relaxed atmosphere in any kitchen

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