JASNO folds: folding curtains

JASNO folds are different from any other folding curtain you will have seen. The textile is produced from woven paper. This gives the folds a tough and durable look. You can choose the semi-transparent, light-permeable version, the dim-out variant with its subtle light effect or the fully blackout version. Whichever option you choose, the woven paper will give the sunlight in your home a warm glow. 

Perhaps the most eye-catching element of the folds is the wooden strips. Match the colour of the textile to the wooden strips for a quiet look, or go for a more contrasting colour combination to make your window a real eye-catcher. Also watch out for the details in the folds, such as the tiny buttons on the strips or the way the paper is cleanly integrated in the headrail. The JASNO folds of course match perfectly with our shutters, wooden blinds and the vertical louver blinds (that are also available in woven paper for a perfect combination!).

Folding curtains from JASNO in the bedroom breakfast
Folding curtains folds Daphna Laurens Dutch Design

Dutch Design folding curtains

JASNO folds are an attractive Dutch Design feature for your home. JASNO called in studio Daphna Laurens to come up with ideas to renew our existing window decoration systems. The JASNO folds are the result of this collaboration. Characteristic of the JASNO folds is the simple, clean and contemporary design, fully in line with the JASNO style.

Studio Daphna Laurens designs and manufactures characteristic products that combine geometric shapes, natural materials and colours. Among the best-known designs from studio Daphna Laurens are probably the Table Pieces.


Folding curtains made to measure

JASNO folds are different from other folding curtains, and that is something we are proud of! The maximum dimensions for a folding curtain are 3.20m high and 2.40m wide. The folds are finished with the same eye for detail you are accustomed to with JASNO. 

  • Textile: the woven paper is available in fantastic colours, each with a high level of colourfastness, and in semi-transparent, light filtering or black-out variants.
  • The wooden strips are made from Abachi wood, 100% FSC produced and available in six stylish colours. You can opt for the same colour wooden strips at front and back, or contrasting colours. 
  • Headrail: the textile is neatly integrated in the headrail, without relying on Velcro strips. The result is a clean finish. 
  • Operation of the folding curtains: the metal operating chain is fitted with a child-safe fitting. As standard, the folds are provided with a transparent fitting, that matches any interior. It is possible to remotely operate folds, using the Somfy operating system. Ideal for difficult-to-reach windows or for the simultaneous operation of several folding curtains!
  • Design: the unique buttons on the strips ensure clean guidance of the operating cords at the back, while at the same time giving the folds a true design look. 
  • Valance: the folds come with a valance that protects the fabric against discoloration. In combination with the always visible bottom rail, the valance gives our folding curtains a more luxurious look. 
  • Maintenance and warranty: the woven paper can easily be cleaned with a brush or vacuum cleaner on a fabric setting. Our products also come with a two-year warranty on the textile and three years on the wooden rail, the headrail and the operating mechanism. 
Folding curtains with Dutch Design living room folds
Folding curtains themes folds

Seek inspiration with folding curtains in a special theme atmosphere

Using the four theme atmospheres we have assembled for the folds, you can select from a magnificent range of combinations that match any interior. Click on the name of the theme to see the accompanying mood boards. 

  • The atmosphere of Northern Lights will as it were illuminate your home. The well-known white tone from the JASNO collection will guarantee a stylish interior. 
  • Folds in the Naturally Moody style will offer your home a country life feel. Natural tones ensure a sense of relaxation and a warm welcome home. 
  • The colourful Sculptural Mix theme will enchant your home with its deep, warm colours, and give your interior a real boost of character. 
  • The Simply Modern style will deliver an elegant, tough look to your interior. Soft grey tones and contrasting black tones contribute to a stylish and contemporary look. 

What is the price of the folding curtains?

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