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Shutters at Cityhub, Amsterdam


Sem Schuurkes, founder/owner: “We searched long and hard for the perfect solution for our window blinds. Having a window next to the bed may be appealing, but the problem is creating light without passers-by staring at you, in bed. The solution was shutters!” 

In this innovative concept, the principle of a hostel and a hotel are combined. Guests feel part of a community like in any hostel, while enjoying the privacy provided by a hotel. With an interactive app showing tourist information, you can contact the hosts of the Cityhub and its guests. Sleeping facilities are provided in the so-called hub, with luxury beds. The bathroom is shared. 

Not out of reach 
JASNO supplied white shutters with no tilt rod, for the Cityhub Amsterdam, proving that JASNO is still within reach for a low-budget concept like Cityhub. And indeed, for these same reasons 5-star hotels also opt for this product: quality, solidity, design and made to measure. And of course, the price. Always an important issue.


JASNO shutters at Cityhub Amsterdam