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Lloyd hotel, Amsterdam


Lloyd Hotel & Cultural Embassy in Amsterdam is the first 1 to 5-star designer hotel in the world. Designed as a home from home for travellers of every ilk, the Lloyd Hotel avoids the conventional star system, by classifying its rooms according to size. The interior was designed in collaboration with MVRDV architects, and is highlighted with works by international renowned Dutch designers. 

Ten-year history 
The Lloyd hotel was JASNO’s very first major project. All the windows here are fitted with JASNO shutters, and have been, for the past ten years. Uniquely, the hotel even features rooms with four metre-high shutters at its windows! The decision was taken to fit shutters with a tilt rod, both to match the style of the hotel and because the tilt rod system makes the shutters more suitable for intensive use. 


Piet Boogert, General Manager Lloyd Hotel: “Most of our rooms were fitted with JASNO shutters in 2004. A remarkably durable and decorative solution. We have now also used JASNO shutters as dividing walls in a number of hotel rooms. We are delighted with the service and ideas contributed by JASNO!”


JASNO shutters Lloyd Hotel Amsterdam