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Hotel Dux, Roermond


Hotel Dux is a four-star hotel at a unique location in the centre of Roermond. The hotel is housed in a brand-new building surrounded by historic premises on the banks of the Roer river, the watercourse that gave Roermond its name. 

Test room
To arrive at the perfect  choice for the interior, the hotel’s owner had a simulated hotel room built. JASNO delivered different shutter designs, to test which style would best suit the new hotel. Eventually shutters were chosen with tilt rod. In the restaurant, shutters in a very intense  dark brown colour, were chosen. This colour choice offers the restaurant added atmosphere and a clean look, as always with a true eye for detail; the hotel’s coat of arms has been very subtly engraved into the shutters, to add the final professional touch. 


JASNO Shutters Hotel Dux Roermond