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B&B La Suite Bruges

The charming city of Bruges is the home to B&B La Suite Sans Cravate. Visitors should not expect an interior or an approach they have seen countless times elsewhere. In La Suite, every detail is boosted to full effect.

JASNO dealer Pieter Menue based in Maldegem (BE) supplied the shutters for the various windows. Shutters are ideally suitable for use in bathroom windows, because of the paint finish; our collection has also recently been expanded to include Aqualine shutters. Produced from high quality plastic, Aqualine shutters are waterproof. Shutters are also an ideal solution for regulating light incidence and privacy, in the bedroom. JASNO shutters are suitable for practically every conceivable window. La Suite, for example, has one high triangular window, and even for that window opening, we were able to produce tailor-made shutters. 

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Shutters B&B La Suite Bruges