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New shutters and blinds collection for JASNO

JASNO has started the spring with a completely new collection of shutters and wooden blinds. With new colours, new ladder tapes, a new wood variety and a new shutter louver size, these new collections offer even more possibilities for supplying consumers with the ideal window decoration. 

The shutters and wooden blinds can be excellently combined since both use the same Paulownia wood variety. The shutters and blinds are also available in the same colours, guaranteeing a seamless match. Alongside the always popular white and black tones, the new collections include a selection of stylish interior colours. The blinds are also available with a matt oil finish. 

Improved shutter collection

The shutter collection has been further improved in order to guarantee even greater quality, and expanded with a new louver size: 76mm. “This ‘medium’ size is particularly popular in the UK,” explained director Jeroen Hermans. “We believe that this is an attractive louver size for the consumer market, alongside the existing louver sizes S (63mm), L (89mm) and XL (114mm) already in our collection.” 

Electric blinds available

Hermans continued, “The blinds collection has also been thoroughly re-examined, and improvements have been made. As from now, we can supply ladder tapes in 3 sizes. Alongside the standard size, an extra narrow and an extra wide tape are available. Another development with which we are particularly pleased is that as of now, we can also supply electrically operated blinds.” 

Seek advice from a specialist 

The new shutters and wooden blinds can be ordered as from today from one of the many JASNO dealers across Europe. These dealers can offer tailor-made advice on the options and colours for wooden blinds and shutters. 


JASNO wooden blinds white new collection in kitchen