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Window decoration and stained glass windows

Fantastic; a bay window with stained glass. But what window covering can you use in these windows, without destroying the overall character? 

Stained glass windows are works of art in their own right. They often tell a story or add extra colour to a window feature. Sun shining through stained glass windows results in an eye-catching, colourful effect. But even without incidental light, these windows are more than worth looking through. It is a real shame to conceal such beautiful windows behind curtains. 

Stained glass windows are often inserted above a main window. To still ensure a degree of privacy and to prevent too much incidental light, people often decide to place some form of window decoration in front of these windows. As you can see from these photographs, shutters and folds (folding curtains) from JASNO are the ideal solution! Both can easily be installed below the stained glass section, guaranteeing an unrestricted view of the stained glass day and night. JASNO window decorations are measured in place by professionals and subsequently made to measure, down to the finest detail, so you can decide which window sections are covered with a window decoration that always matches your interior. 

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JASNO folding curtains